1. Chackabuu

    [INFJ] Types you're attracted to?

    I'm not specifically talking about compatibility here. What are some personality types you're attracted to as an INFJ and why? I always thought I liked INTJs, I guess because they're typically intelligent and introverted (could come up with more reasons if I felt like thinking about it). Until...
  2. Me44

    Trying to date an INFJ

    Hey there. First post of a confused INFP. I’m interested in a INFJ coworker. I know her since 8 month. To keep it short: We had lunch break together - then I invited her to hang out after work and been rejected, so I backed off. Few weeks later she initiated to hang out together, which failed...
  3. P

    [INFJ] (gay dating) Meeting potential love interests outside of online methods

    As a gay person, I’ve always fantasized of talking to a potential love interest offline.(something along the lines of hey i’m sorry if this comes up weird but i just think that you are the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen). I do realize that this is weird especially for us gays because...
  4. Freaky Chameleon

    INTJ transforms into INFJ in relationship.

    OK here we go. I’ve been trying to figure out myself for a very long time. MBTI helped a lot. Everything I could find written about how INTJs think, behave and view the world matched up well except for one area. In relationships, the written descriptions were off. Way off. The descriptions were...
  5. P

    In love with a INTP

    Hi, guys! First of all, sorry for my terrible english. Ok, let's go with the telenovela. I meet this INTP guy on a dating app. We live in different cities (not too far away) He and I started talking; he calls me on the phone almost every day, sometimes we talk only a few minutes, other...
  6. P

    The modern dating scene?

    Single gay male INFJ here. Just moved to a new city over a year ago. Still do not have a friend I can hang out with on a constant basis and am desperately looking for one. I’ve been hanging out with this fellow gay guy (we met through instagram dm) who has been with his partner for one year...
  7. MB88

    Do INFJs stay single longer than other personality types?

    I recently turned 31, and I'm single. Other than a somewhat toxic long-distance relationship I just got out of, in the past few years, I've really barely dated at all after ending a 6-year relationship back in 2013. I don't have a huge problem with that, as I would rather remain single than...
  8. Madgirl143


    Hello there, I just need some advice about initiating and making the first move. There's this guy at this cinema I always go to, not often but enough to gain a crush on one of the staff. He's cute but he's Asian. I don't know if he's religious or whether he's a bit open-minded about dating...
  9. L

    [ENTP] Help me with INFJ relationships

    Recently I've discovered that most of the women I've ever been seriously attracted to were INFJs. So I have some questions about a current situation I would like to discuss. The background, this woman is part of my social circle. Last year we got pretty close, thought maybe she wanted to be...
  10. WadeINFJ

    INFJ dating an INFJ - Here my Story

    Hi guys, just thought to share what i think is a pretty remarkable story even if my partner and I didnt share the same MBTI. 3 years ago I got out of a 5 year relationship and my first long term one of that in which about 6 weeks later i started dating again right away lol. I had attended a...
  11. S

    [INFJ] INFJs and Texting?

    Hello, friends. I'm very close friends with a guy who is an INFJ. We've been friends for a few years but I recently started to develop feelings for him. The trouble is, I can't figure out how he feels about me. I've thought about asking, but I don't want to make our friendship awkward. He acts...
  12. S

    INFJ & INFP, are they compatible?

    Do you think an INFJ & an INFP would make a good couple? Why or why not?
  13. S

    INFJ Mixed Signals

    Hey everyone Lately, I've been getting a lot of mixed signals from an INFJ guy friend of mine. I thought maybe he liked me because he gets very protective over me in particular, he lightly teases me sometimes, I catch him looking at me often and then he looks away when I catch him, he often sits...
  14. RunDeep

    INFP Male Interested in ENFJ Female

    Hi everyone! I'm new here. Just thought I'd throw that out there. :P I was wondering about INFP-ENFJ relationships. I have always heard the saying that "The ENFJ is the INFP's best friend." Is this actually true... lol Does anyone here have any personal experience with this dynamic in a...
  15. Rycka

    Top 3 Dating lessons

    Hey You! Yes, YOU! Are you sitting on your chair right now? No? if so, then sit down, there's no need to read while standing up. :grinning: You're wise and probably wise beyond your years. When you look back you see life full of experience, sorrows and joy, but let me ask a quick...
  16. R

    I'm an INFP trying to start a relationship with an INFJ

    Hi, I've only just started dating an INFJ at first I didn't even know what the 16 myer-briggs personality types was even about. We both met via a dating website and our conversations seemed to be a great match. Not only when we spoke online but also in person and I feel so comfortable around him...
  17. R

    No contact/Relationship needs not being met?

    So i've been seeing a guy since last year and he suddenly got busy with work after a few months right when I started to have strong feelings, and he did warn me at the beginning that it it wasn't a good idea to try and do it because he was super busy BUT apparently he was also occasionally able...