1. D

    ProProfs Presents: "Am I Too Nice?" The Quiz

    There is a difference between being kind and being nice, or so it's said. The idea would be that a kind person can show an angry side, or can find a polite way to say no, or something along those lines, when the situation justifies doing so; a nice person may not be able to take these actions...
  2. Roses In The Vineyard

    Positive Personality Disintegration

    Couldn't find a thread that would be appropriate for this but anyway found it interesting none the less.
  3. Chackabuu

    [INFJ] INFJ Mistyping?

    I have seen many people talk about their typing and how it has changed. For example someone could say they used to be INTJ but now they're INFJ. In the case of INFJs, isn't it possible that these people could have been hanging around an INTJ during that time and caught their emotions...
  4. D

    Five Values

    Tell me your five top values when you're performing at your natural best. Who is the 'value-you'?
  5. flower

    What's Your Personality Type? I wasn't sure where to put this test, here or on the Psychology Tests area. Source:
  6. Gaze

    Introvert With High-Functioning Anxiety

    Here's an article on "15 Signs You’re an Introvert With High-Functioning Anxiety." How do you connect with some of these traits and how have you handled your anxiety? I'm asking because although I know I have anxiety, I...
  7. flower

    Personality Atlas: See Where You Fit "Would You Like to See Where You Fit in the Redrawn Map? What if the world map were redrawn according to personality type? We had people from 27 different countries assign personality traits to the other nations, as well as their own, and redrew the world map...
  8. Somnium

    Identifying someone’s Typology

    I’ve been trying to figure this person out, but considering how much I’m emotionally involved I wanted somebody else’s perspective. I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible: He doesn’t have many friends. During his school days he used to be pretty sociable but adulthood made him more focused...
  9. P

    [INFJ] Sense of self and other people's assumptions?

    Let’s start by saying that I am a quiet on most social situations. When you don’t talk much people make assumptions of you and treat you based on their assumptions. These assumptions could be negative or positive, and the ones who made them seem to believe this to be a part of you although you...
  10. flower

    What Tattoo Should You Get Based On Your Personality Type?

    Hehe, just a silly quiz, not to be taken seriously lol. :laughing:
  11. Rowan Tree

    Proust Questionnaire

    So, I thought some of you might enjoy doing the Proust Questionnaire, a pre-internet online quiz. Below I give the questions and then mine and Proust's answers. 1. The principal aspect of my personality: Proust: The need to be loved; more precisely, the need to be caressed and spoiled much...
  12. Gaze

    The four sided personality test
  13. Gaze

    Personality disorders in movies

    What are some memorable films or shows that portrayed characters with personality disorders? What do you think about how that character was presented? (e.g. accurate or stereotypical) What films do you think have done a good job of portraying personality disorders fairly? What personality...
  14. rmoat

    [INFJ] Making friends as an INFJ

    I wanted to start a conversation about INFJs making friends with others. Before I fully knew my MBTI type, it would always frustrate me when there was this group of friends, and I really only could connect with one but not the majority of the group. The one friend that I did connect with would...
  15. Sandie33

    What Are Your Dominant Personality Traits?

    What personality traits are dominant in you? None of us is any one thing, but we might have some traits that are more dominant than others. Which character trait is dominant in you? Take the test and find out...
  16. J

    Responding to Conflict

    Does anyone else make conflict worse? I can't accept with people are upset with me or think I'm wrong, I will fight them tooth and nail to try to convince them that they are wrong. It doesn't matter if I agree with what I'm saying or not. I just refuse to accept that they think negatively of...
  17. Gaze

    Personality and talent

    Is there a link between individual personality and how we approach or exercise our talents? Personality in this case is not related to MBTI, but just your personality or traits as an individual. Talent can be anything you're good at. For example, I'm watching a cooking show contest with...
  18. J

    Why am I INFJ instead of something else?

    Has anyone wondered why we develop the personality that we do? For example, I am INFJ (Ni Fe Ti Se). My mother has strong Fe (ESFJ) and my father has strong Ti (INTP). Is this why I am INFJ rather than say INTJ? What I am asking is basically why did I develop this personality, and in what ways...
  19. Rcs6r

    Why do we become what we hate?

    I am actually taking this topic from another forum (Gamefaqs, as it turns out), but I thought it was good: why do we become what we hate? What does the question mean to you, and do people truly become what they hate? The best response I saw so far was:
  20. M

    Don't know what kind of entry level job I should be looking for. What's best for me?

    Hey, guys. Trying to find a job that best matches my personality and have turned to my Myer's Briggs personality type for the answer. My personality type statistics are this: Introverted:12% Intuitive:56% Feeling:28% Judging:22% I've taken other tests that say a salesman position would...