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Personality disorders in movies


Sep 5, 2009
What are some memorable films or shows that portrayed characters with personality disorders? What do you think about how that character was presented? (e.g. accurate or stereotypical) What films do you think have done a good job of portraying personality disorders fairly? What personality disorders would you like to see get more attention in movies or tv?

Here's a Psychology Today article on Personality Disorders in Suicide Squad.

Mad Love: Personality Disorders in Harley Quinn & the Joker

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Matchstick Men is a great narrative on OCD.

Hide and Seek is another good one but I won't give away specifics. Some people hated that film but I thought it was good from a psychological perspective.
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Does a long-running reality show count?

Political Reality Disorder
You suffer from political reality disorder when you don't believe what the MSM (mainstream media) says because logic and reality scream an entirely different picture no matter how hard they try to shove a lie down your throat.

When you're smarter than the average "sheeple" out there and you are a critical thinker and can discern for yourself without the clutter of outside banter from liars.
i suffer from "political reality disorder" and unfortunately there isn't a "pharmaceutical" with can be given to remedy this problem because I alreadyunderstand how the BIG PHARMA MACHINE WORKS and I refuse to be "medicated" into compliance.
#big#pharma#reality#political#disorder#corrupt#government Reality Disorder

:laughing: We all know that guy.
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Patrick Bateman seemed like more then just a Narcissist.
There appears to be a Tree ranging from Narcissist, then Sociopath, then Psychopath. Bateman portrayed the symptoms of Narcissism yes, but Psychopathy is comprised with some of the same symptoms.

Borderline Personality Disorder for the following:

-Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted
-Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction
-The girls in the movie, Thirteen
-Jenny from Forrest Gump
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Mel Gibson on
What personality disorders would you like to see get more attention in movies or tv?

Bird On A Wire
Mel in Lethal Weapon
Mel in Braveheart
Jack Nicholson in almost every role, but the bates hotel has memories ;)
Speaking of Cathy Bates...she portays a good psychotic.