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  1. mintoots

    Any suggestions?

    Are you ever in that mood where you want to read a book or watch a film but no title comes to mind? Often, I am. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a specific kind of film or music or art but would find that my current library or watchlist isn't satisfying. Hence, this thread: Mechanics: 1. Explain...
  2. Pin

    Romance: literature & film

    I've seen a lot of games, films, and books involving romance. Now that I think of it, rarely is my favorite protagonist a bachelor. At least not forever. Except Batman or something. I think that a lifestyle of that sort can be interesting because it centers the reader on specific aspects of a...
  3. Ginny

    What's your guilty pleasure movie?

    As the title says. They can be the silliest, dumbest, most annoying and shameful to admit. What are yours? No judging other's likes here, please. I'll start with Clueless. The protagonist is completely superficial and as unintelligent as Beverly Hills teenagers were reputed to be in the...
  4. Gaze

    Black Panther Movie

    Anyone seen the film? What did you think? If you read the comics, how does it compare? As a Marvel film, how does it compare to the origin story or first movie in other Marvel franchise films?
  5. Gaze

    Wishes for the New Year

    What are your wishes for the New Year?
  6. Gaze

    Personality disorders in movies

    What are some memorable films or shows that portrayed characters with personality disorders? What do you think about how that character was presented? (e.g. accurate or stereotypical) What films do you think have done a good job of portraying personality disorders fairly? What personality...
  7. Night Owl

    INFJ's and French Films

    I really love French films. Based on the temperaments, the French have often been labeled as having 'a melancholic soul'. To correlate, the INFJ is dominantly a melancholic (secondarily phlegmatic, but that's another topic). A quality indicative of many of their films is a depth and real...
  8. PintoBean

    Post a Video Clip about Something in Your Life

    Post a clip about something in your life. An event, a theme, something on your mind, whatever. From the banal to the fantastic. Tell us the connection. Me: So yesterday I had to go to the dentist. Big deal event for me because I was all freaked out given that last year it was hugely expensive...
  9. Free

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    ~Memorable quotes from your favorite films~