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  1. Asa

    Movies That Are Better Than The Book.

    It's a cliché that the book is always better. Have you ever seen a movie (or series) that was better than the book?
  2. Jonah Caan

    What's Your Top 5 Films to Watch in Autumn/Fall?

    As a strange summer comes to an end and the wind whistles the welcome of Autumn, I'm already feeling myself getting SAD. But at the same time, I find Autumn to be the most beautiful of all the seasons. I just have to stay on top of it by surrounding myself with things that keep me warm, films...
  3. Gaze

    Favorite holiday movies?

    Hey, what are you favorite holiday movies and why are they classics? Post your top 3, 5, etc. list! Which ones do you watch a million times and never get tired of? (Post trailers or full video links if you can).
  4. Gaze

    Wishes for the New Year

    What are your wishes for the New Year?
  5. Gaze

    Personality disorders in movies

    What are some memorable films or shows that portrayed characters with personality disorders? What do you think about how that character was presented? (e.g. accurate or stereotypical) What films do you think have done a good job of portraying personality disorders fairly? What personality...
  6. Bellosome

    [INFJ] I needed a good cry..

    Hey guys! <3 can you recommend some sad movies that i can watch? I want a really heartbreaking one. Examples of movies i cried from are I am Sam, The Fountain, Gran Torino,(lol), inside out? Thank you in advance!!
  7. Night Owl

    INFJ's and French Films

    I really love French films. Based on the temperaments, the French have often been labeled as having 'a melancholic soul'. To correlate, the INFJ is dominantly a melancholic (secondarily phlegmatic, but that's another topic). A quality indicative of many of their films is a depth and real...
  8. Persona

    A list of your most favorite movies from every genre, and WHY!

    I've recently been pondering on a lot of movies of various genres, and I'm curious to see what yours are, and why! I'll leave a list of my personal preferences below with a short description of why I like them, and categorize them as an example of how you could post. Fantasy: Inception...
  9. Artisan

    Makoto Shinkai - Movies

    Hey People ^^! I keep noticing people mentioning movies by Makoto Shinkai and it seems to me that a lot of people here watch them. ^^ So I figured that perhaps it would be nice to have a Makoto Shinkai movie discussion thread :) What is your favorite movie by Makoto Shinkai? and why...
  10. Satori

    [Film Club] INFJf Film Club - Week 1: The Birth of a Nation (1915)

    Hi guys! So, while SarahBS is completing her History of Cinema post, she asked me to open the Week 2 Discussion thread. To remind you, this week's topic is: The Rise of Hollywood Director in Focus: D.W. Griffith Film: The Birth of a Nation (1915) A bit of background regarding...
  11. poeyinok

    Your most anticipated summer flick?

    I have my tickets to see Avengers Age of Ultron and I'm counting down the days, what summer movie(s) are you excited to go see? I'm also looking forward to Pixars Inside Out and Jurassic World.