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  • "Members: True Story, Artisan,..." Tell me that I'm not the only one who finds this funny
    Where'd it go? I miss it so, it seems like it's been forever since it's been gone...
    It's nice to see you back. <3
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    Which threads do you favor?
    My all time favorites are:
    - Road trip dreams
    - Does your room reflect who you are?
    - What Would You do? Imagination game

    Other generalised topics I tend to enjoy are usually in:
    - Education and Career
    - History, Travel, and Culture

    In general, I just tend to like future/goals/dreams orientated topics, and ones that show a little of who other people, primarily other INFJs are.

    Which do you favor ? ^^
    Ok, we need to re-up those threads that you mentioned. :p

    I tend to spend most time in Member's Blogs. I enjoy the little glimpses into their lives and receive a more personalized view of their perspectives.

    But really, I enjoy most threads. Just staying out of politically themed ones because they're exhausting. ;)
    Hm, I see. Well the whole thing was supposed to be kind of a bit. Make stupid mom joke, then make stupid apology. It wasn't meant to be a genuine insult or apology.

    I've spent the entire weekend looking after my two year old nephew so my brain may be working at low capacity right now. Perhaps that explains the void of anti-humor I've just created.
    Yep! I asked few times on the phone when booking the time that why for so long, they said it's not ''urgent'' issue so that's why... ;__; Also there is a long queue. ><

    :hug: :hug: ^__^

    Oh, ok. :) I like to ''hide'' sometimes too on Skype, lol. Gonna talk with you when having more time and energy. ^^
    Thank you. :m167:

    I have to wait one month still. :| Even then it's not sure that they can do the small operation but time will show. ><''

    Wishing healthy days for you too. :hug:
    :hug: Are you feeling any better or healthier?

    To be honest, a bit painful and depressed... Nothing new, lol. ;___; Tomorrow is Friday though! Looking forward to that. :P

    Hi bud,

    I'm well, thanks. I've been busy recently with work as I'm trying to save some money for some projects. However, everytime I jump in here to get on the chat no one is around. For a while I kept logging in, but then I gave up lol.
    Hopefully we could all catch up together soon!
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