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  • Awwww HEY ^_^
    Long time no see ^_^ <3
    How r u ?
    Hi Sarah!!! ^__^ I'm okay. Been away from the forum, but peeking every now and then. (First time seeing this new interface, and still quite confused, haha.)

    And how are you? Hope everything's well! *hugs* (Waahh, the monkeys are gone?!)
    Hehe, well that's the first time we see it too :-p
    I'm alright. There are a lot to tell u on PMs though :D
    It's too public here :-D
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    Be waiting. ^__^
    Let's hope for the best! :hug: Yup...
    Aww... You don't bother me, so I am fine to listen. :)

    I do, just wish there would be even more time, haha!
    Yeah, it's a great distraction from the health issues,
    but then having other work-related issues at work to think about, lol. :P
    Thank you! :hug: It will get solved... Someday, lol.
    Yeah, love the sunny weather. ^^
    Hahah, our conversations with all of you are always filled with good insights. :)

    Aww... You can send a message anytime, though. :) But I understand that if we all seem to be busy,
    then feeling that no reason to send any messages if no one has enough time or energy to answer... :/

    It's awesome to have a job, but it really makes life more busy and then having less time for anything else, not liking that aspect of it at all. .___.
    Nope... Since there still would be a long queue anyway. :/
    Oops! :D Yeah, she's a nurse, not you... Got mixed up, sorry. xD

    About some lighter topics, the weather has been so lovely currently! :>
    No more weeks of rain, even though rain is lovely too.

    Also, so nice to hear from you after some time. :)
    The nurse read my medical files from computer and the doctor had written there that it's not ''urgent''. :( I actually cried a bit on the phone, the nurse just got panicked by the crying LOL and said ''but... we have patients with heart issues, your health issue isn't urgent enough blah blah''. ;___; I don't know really... I think that they are thinking that my health issue isn't ''bad enough'' to get quick help even if it bothers my daily life for months already.

    I agree, let's stay hopeful. :hug: I trust your ''nurse'' instincts, hahah!
    Well, I booked the time for the doctor but still need to wait one month... :( Because they have a long queue. Even then it's not sure that they can do it... Ughhh. ;____;

    Just need to stay hopeful even though I am so tired of this already. :/

    They will take a sample in the operation so they can see what causes it.
    We are in the same boat then. :) :hug: You guys always give so many good advises, grateful about it.
    Ahh, ''ice scream'', can't forget that!! :D Yup, window seat is the best~
    Aw, same! ;_____; Yeah, we all definitely should talk again someday in the evening.
    Ok, that sounds wise. :) It's important to feel those emotions after all and to not bottle them up, then let go and feel more free~
    Hahah, probably... :tongue: But it really feels like a tin can!! :D It's worth it though, because of the beautiful views. ^^
    We really should have GC again! Miss talking with you guys... ;____; Nahh, you guys never bother me really, always nice to hear from you all.
    Talk to someone about it as well. There are things you can do prep beforehand, and also while on plane.
    Well, you've every right to feel crappy about it, though... :|
    But the good thing about it would be that it's a new adventure, lol! I am afraid of being in plane too, it's like being inside a tin can. ><''
    We all have our own dramas. :hug: :P

    Thanks! :D It starts on next Tuesday.
    That's awful... :/ :hug: You're definitely important and you have also your own feelings and thoughts which matter and shouldn't be ignored. It's kinda big thing to just buy a plane ticket for someone and then not even tell anything about it in advance..
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