1. aeon

    Boys, and the ongoing strip-search scandal in the UK

    as provided by @thetinmen Yes, they do. Why this? Ian
  2. mintoots

    Any suggestions?

    Are you ever in that mood where you want to read a book or watch a film but no title comes to mind? Often, I am. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a specific kind of film or music or art but would find that my current library or watchlist isn't satisfying. Hence, this thread: Mechanics: 1. Explain...
  3. Chackabuu

    [INFJ] Relatable characters

    I was wondering what are some INFJ characters you guys relate to? I think I was born INFJ and have been unkmowingly relating to INFJ characters my whole life. I'm not here to argue character types btw. Some of my favorites are Lucy Snowe from Charlotte Brontë's Villette, Kaname Kuran from...
  4. Gaze

    Personality disorders in movies

    What are some memorable films or shows that portrayed characters with personality disorders? What do you think about how that character was presented? (e.g. accurate or stereotypical) What films do you think have done a good job of portraying personality disorders fairly? What personality...