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  1. Chackabuu

    Surrounded by??

    What MBTI typing, other than your own, are you mostly surrounded by in your daily lives? For whatever reason, I can't escape ISFP's. My mom and multiple friends have turned out to be ISFP. I appreciate how they are able to go with the flow more than myself, but they frustrate me when they don't...
  2. Chackabuu

    [INFJ] Relatable characters

    I was wondering what are some INFJ characters you guys relate to? I think I was born INFJ and have been unkmowingly relating to INFJ characters my whole life. I'm not here to argue character types btw. Some of my favorites are Lucy Snowe from Charlotte Brontë's Villette, Kaname Kuran from...
  3. Chackabuu

    [INFJ] INFJ Mistyping?

    I have seen many people talk about their typing and how it has changed. For example someone could say they used to be INTJ but now they're INFJ. In the case of INFJs, isn't it possible that these people could have been hanging around an INTJ during that time and caught their emotions...
  4. Sinny

    [INTP] Any NTs on the Forum?

    Hi, Was wondering if there were many NTs on the forum? INTP Complex is closing down within the next 12 hours, and I'm looking for other NTs to mix with. Was thinking of setting up a discord group, which is a pretty good modern day alternative to forums. Encourage more live chat etc. My ISFP...
  5. 2

    What do you guys recommend?

    Hello, may I ask what college course/degree do you recommend for an INFJ? Thanks
  6. flower

    What's Your Personality Type?

    https://quiz.tryinteract.com/#/5dab0e69919f5e0014ceba9f I wasn't sure where to put this test, here or on the Psychology Tests area. Source: https://www.psychologyjunkie.com/2019/10/30/discover-your-true-personality-type-free-test-included/
  7. Somnium

    Identifying someone’s Typology

    I’ve been trying to figure this person out, but considering how much I’m emotionally involved I wanted somebody else’s perspective. I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible: He doesn’t have many friends. During his school days he used to be pretty sociable but adulthood made him more focused...
  8. 5

    [INFJ] Extroverted Feeling: Cowardice or Courageous?

  9. INFJok

    Se Has Taken Over

    Last month I finally lost it! After a year of working around teens, enduring racist, sexist, commentary and dodging inappropriate elders I up and lost my temper! My Se inferior function stepped in and said That’s enough! It’s time to roar! And I found myself lashing out and making a huge scene...
  10. Rowan Tree

    Walt Disney's mbti

    Hi all, so... I'm thinking of writing a utopia (think fully automated luxury communism) in which Walt Disney awakes from a cryogenic chamber into the future, utopian world, Walt in Utopia. I realise the frozen at death story is completely apocryphal in the most untrue of all untrue senses, but I...
  11. Truth Eternity

    [INFJ] Dangers of 5G; Let's talk

    So I've recently heard a louder "uproar" of information on the topic of 5G technology. I've heard it could be very harmful -- like cancer level -- due to high frequency radio waves, which wouldn't be radio waves anymore due to its higher frequency, more like UV level or above. I've heard about...
  12. D

    Cognitive Functions Test

    Hi all. I tried this because I was interested in finding out just how 'balanced' I might be with regard to the functions. The creators say it isn't too accurate, but interesting nonetheless. https://www.idrlabs.com/cognitive-function/test.php I wonder how others feel about how developed their...
  13. N

    Fox TV show New Amsterdam

    Hey, Has anyone of you seen the old tv show New Amsterdam from 2008 (FOX)? I’ve been wondering what MBTI type the protagonist John Amsterdam is. Could you help me? Thanks a lot!
  14. Madgirl143

    How do you accept yourself?

    Have you ever been in a toxic relationship or experience that left you so broken that you weren't sure whether you had a mental illness or whether it was just because of your MBTI? How did you deal with it and steer clear of it? How did you accept yourself in terms of MBTI? I ask this because...
  15. Madgirl143

    Judging and Perceiving in functions

    I have a question, how come judging and perceiving are not represented in our functions? Forgive me if it sounds stupid. I understand the whole Intuition vs Sensing: Introversion vs Extroversion: Thinking vs Feeling and Perceiving vs Judging. This is where the letters come in. But when it comes...
  16. Kabss

    Deleted thread

  17. RebbyBlack

    Chris Motionless MBTI

    I was wondering if anyone has typed Chris “Motionless” Cerulli, the lead of the band Motionless In White? So far I think he’s an introvert, but I haven’t had the time to sit down, do research and type him; also from what I’ve read he’s pretty private about his personal life. Any ideas?
  18. N

    Type this man

    Here are some quotes: "I love mountainbiking, running and long walks in nearby forests, cross country skiing and hanging out with my kids and wife." "In my spare time I write screenplays with a friend. I love to tell stories." "I recently went fishing on my own in the wilds of southern...
  19. Ginny

    What Type is BBC's Sherlock?

    I have to apologise in advance for my crappy Fe in the formulation of this initial post, but I am left with no other choice. I have been working on BBC's Sherlock for about a year now, longer even, if you count the years since the series started where I got to know and learn about the main...
  20. Ginny

    Cognitive Functions and Recreational Activities

    People of all types enjoy reading a book, watching telly, playing video games or pursuing other recreational activities in their down time. Though this thread is inspired by the example of watching telly, I suppose that it will vary across types and activity. My question is this: which functions...
  21. Ginny

    Keys 2 Cognition test

    Yesterday, I did the keys2cognition.com cognitive function test. I'm not sure how accurate my answers were given or evaluated, specifically because the pool of questions was so small. Anyway, just as an example I'm posting a screenshot I made of my results. Some of them were very surprising to...
  22. Ginny

    Childhood Skill Acquisition

    I was wondering today: is there a correlation between the personality type and the speed at which the individual child acquires skills like walking, reading and so on? I don't have anything to go on but my experiences. For instance, my mother told me that I was already walking at ten months...
  23. J

    psychic experiences

    Has anyone on the forum had, or felt like they had a "psychic experience" or similar ? http://www.personalitypage.com/html/INFJ.html INFJs have uncanny insight into people and situations. They get "feelings" about things and intuitively understand them. As an extreme example, some INFJs...
  24. Sandie33

    Archetypes and function analysis using cross-axis mapping

    Hi- I am an INFJ and using Archetypal labeling I am trying to create a model from a cross-axis map to aid in understanding the complexities of the 8 cognitive functions and how they move up and down and left to right within the axis, (see picture below), depending on Ego submission or deference...
  25. J

    Why am I INFJ instead of something else?

    Has anyone wondered why we develop the personality that we do? For example, I am INFJ (Ni Fe Ti Se). My mother has strong Fe (ESFJ) and my father has strong Ti (INTP). Is this why I am INFJ rather than say INTJ? What I am asking is basically why did I develop this personality, and in what ways...
  26. Martinville

    MBTI is nonsense, personality is real

    When I tested myself with an MBTI test (multiple times), I was intrigued to find out I was an INFJ. I recognized a lot of the things mentioned mentioned about INFJ's. Feeling different and struggling with things like many on this forum. However my intuition was complaining about the test itself...
  27. Bellosome

    [INTJ] Can someone please..

    Please help me understand Introverted F. An INTJ point of view would be awesome.
  28. Trent

    Two Things: Little Epiphany & Statistics

    Had an epiphany today. I was thinking about the INFJ Forum. Then it dawned on me, "This is amazing. I've seen this site off and on for a little while now. Now, I'm on finally. What I saw (from an INFJ) perspective is that we are almost all literally wired to be Counselors." Just kind of cool...
  29. RRiveter

    I found Kiersey's book online for free!

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share this link I found of Keirsey's book called "Please Understand Me II" I like this book much better than the first he wrote. The language is sometimes pretentious, but there is tons of good information in there. Way more detailed than everything I have...
  30. D

    Misc. MBTI survey

    Looking for miscellaneous correlations. Please be apart of science! http://goo.gl/forms/95em62eO9N If there's a better place or way to post please let me know. You should be able to view the results after you complete the survey.