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What do you guys recommend?

I just want to ask what kind of course/degree that is recommended for an INFJ, like what's best for that particular personality type. I don't plan to say anything personal tbh
ah i see..

i myself as INFj i dont know either, whats best course or degree suitable for INFJ
For example like myself i am pursuing for a degree in graphic design

and perhaps you could just search up in google or certain website on what is the best for INFj (mostly) but pfft who would believe in that.. *cough well i used to.. but not anymore after found out that all this time im more interested in arts stuff.

I would say all career is suitable for INFJ, its just in the end it depend on the person whether they are interested in it or not at all..

So my final ans:
in stereotype infj way most of the website mentioned they are great at being a counselor or Psychologist or even Human Resources.. etc.

Anything is best for INFj or even for all any type.

P.S not all INFj are like this..

and i am sorry if i am not answering your question properly haha.

I cant recommend you anything, i dont believe in recommendation anymore just go with your intuition, talents, skills, etc.. and from there you will be able to find an answer :)
It all depends upon what your skills are as well as your interests.


Develop a career based on your skills and develop the path based on your values. You'll be amazed at how reality will unfold before your eyes.
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