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    What do you guys recommend?

    Hello, may I ask what college course/degree do you recommend for an INFJ? Thanks
  2. QuietBrave


    Obviously education and career choice aren't based solely on MBTI type, lol, but I am curious what subjectively your favorite/recommended college majors would be for INFJ and ENFP in particular, or for various types and functions in general. I know I could google this (have in the past) and see...
  3. Roses In The Vineyard

    If Student Loans Were Honest

  4. littlexxghost

    To Sorority or Not?

    I have an interest in joining a sorority but I dont know if its for pure curiosity or how well my friends have talked about them. A part of me feels like it would be draining, but I want to look like I accomplished something other than just getting good grades in my undergrad. Plus I won't know...