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  1. aeon

    Let’s Play a Game

    compliments to @thetinmen
  2. 2

    What do you guys recommend?

    Hello, may I ask what college course/degree do you recommend for an INFJ? Thanks
  3. Rudaynah


    Hello. I just wanted to get some advice on university choices and options. The thing is that I'm sitting for my A-levels in 1 month and I'll get my results next year. I'll have to apply for university. I want to apply for an international one. Preferably in Canada. The courses are extremely...
  4. HelloItsMe

    [INFJ] Writing a personal statement for a psychotherapy masters?

    Hello! I'm writing my personal statement etc for an Art Psychotherapy MA, the uni says they specify as a Jungian based course. I have lots of things I'd like to say, lots of things that tie into Jungian analysis, I have a jist of what my strengths might be but... I don't know I'm stuck. If...
  5. invisible

    Study Skills, Tips and Techniques

    please share your tips and techniques for studying effectively. go ahead and criticise the techniques mentioned by others if they have not worked for you as long as you give good reasons why. share your general study stories and anecdotes too.