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Sep 18, 2019
Hello. I just wanted to get some advice on university choices and options. The thing is that I'm sitting for my A-levels in 1 month and I'll get my results next year. I'll have to apply for university. I want to apply for an international one. Preferably in Canada.

The courses are extremely expensive for me and I've been looking at the different scholarship options available and to be honest, there aren't that many. Can anyone with some past experience or knowledge help me with this? I've been working extremely hard just to be able to go to my dream university. I don't want to fail now.
Hello, fellow student. Try to apply to every university you find reasonable, and if you are accepted to at least one it's a big win. Depending on your specialty, try to find some online courses that may help you getting the basics and being ahead than the other students, Online courses are pretty cheap, i know from my experience. Before I enrolled in I studied python and data science. It costed me not that much, 10 $ for a course, so be sure to search for some options. Good luck in your searches.
Thank you sooo much. I'll try doing that