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  1. Asa

    What Is Your Idol?

    What is your idol? Money, Pleasure, Fame, or Power? If your idol isn't clear to you, figure it out by thinking about which one of these four you'd give up first. The last one you'd give up is your idol. Care to expand on why this is your idol? Has chasing after your idol made you happier...
  2. MJ24

    [INFJ] Life after life

    Last week I unexpectedly lost my grandfather. It made me think a lot about death at all and on various levels. What did you feel when you lost someone? How do you interpret death - as a process or short moment, in a biological or more spiritual, religious way? When you think about dead person...
  3. mintoots

    You and God

    This is not a blog, but it's here because what I want to discuss is personal: you and God. I'm here to probe (once again) about your personal relationship with God. I believe profound discussions are beneficial for the soul and I have not seen this place to be lacking of such, but I have not...
  4. dZpADTLrPmX4c

    [PAX] Life Goals & How To Reach Them

    Life Goals and How To Reach Them
  5. Asa

    A Life Of Service

    Welcome. Lay down your spears and swords, and gather 'round the fire. This is a discussion with no accusations, no condemnation, and no otherism. We are equals here. Please honor each other as such. If you don't understand a person's choices, ask to learn more. This thread is an inspiration...
  6. Pin

    The Purpose of Life

    So let's just dive in. Aristotle was a virtue ethicist. He wasn't concerned with the specific rules and regulations behind being a good person. That's Kant. Aristotle basically thought that there are vices and virtues. A person can't be virtuous all of the time so he saw ethical conduct as a...
  7. Rycka

    [INFJ] How you learning about you being INFJ has changed your life?

    For me personally, I was always questioning why there are so many contradictions in my character and so many turbulent emotions. Learning about INFJ has helped me to put things into perspective and get a clearer picture into what direction I wanna move throughout life as a human being.
  8. Asa

    Your Time Is Up. (Confirming Your Death Date.)

    This topic really upsets me, but I keep falling into conversations where this is discussed. Some people view the possibility of knowing one's death date as positive, and others are repulsed by it. A recent medical research team claims that it found 14 biomarkers that can accurately predict...
  9. Rudaynah


    Hello. I just wanted to get some advice on university choices and options. The thing is that I'm sitting for my A-levels in 1 month and I'll get my results next year. I'll have to apply for university. I want to apply for an international one. Preferably in Canada. The courses are extremely...
  10. Rudaynah


    I'll have to apply for university next year but I still don't know what course to choose. I want to do something in the finance or management sector. Any advice about courses available or prospective jobs?
  11. Rcs6r

    Why do we become what we hate?

    I am actually taking this topic from another forum (Gamefaqs, as it turns out), but I thought it was good: why do we become what we hate? What does the question mean to you, and do people truly become what they hate? The best response I saw so far was:
  12. Scientia

    Should you be dead?

    This sounds weird, I know. I met with an old friend recently and we laughed about the crazy things that happened and I looked back on my life and I realized that it is by some miracle that I am alive today. I should have died at least four times by now,no exaggeration. I think I have some...