[INFJ] How you learning about you being INFJ has changed your life?


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For me personally, I was always questioning why there are so many contradictions in my character and so many turbulent emotions. Learning about INFJ has helped me to put things into perspective and get a clearer picture into what direction I wanna move throughout life as a human being.
Learning that I use my tertiary Ti to wall of people has helped me with personal growth, I suppose. Instead of going into Ni-Ti shell now I am trying to develop better boundaries and improving my Fe.

Another thing was about my inferior Se and how I need to stop spamming it for stress relief.

TBH I was always comfortable with my Ni, even though people often remarked that I shouldn't be in my head so much but deep down I knew they were wrong and this day-dreaming was natural for me.
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I got surprised that I have the rarest personligt type. I had never heard about the MBTI test before. It helped me to understand myself better. For example, I daydream a lot more than other people. And I have many contradictory traits such as seeming really shy even though I'm not, and I'm very introverted but I can be very talkative.
I had poor Fe skills as a child. I kept other kids at a distance with my intellectualism. I thought I was INTJ, so I tried to go hardcore on the Te-Fi axis, but that caused:

1. arguments with other people
2. pressure to take over and do things my way
3. a never-ending stream of criticism of others in my mind
4. defensiveness of my own values.

It was not a light and happy place.

I was disgusted at the idea of being an INFJ. What kind of wussy person was that? Someone with FEELINGS instead of LOGIC? No, not me.

Well, guess what? Ti is intellectualism par excellence. Te accepts outside facts in order to achieve quick, efficient results. Ti is the function that has to understand everything before it believes. Ti is mental strength. That is not wussy.

As for Fe, it's fun. Way more fun than Fi. Now I can transfer my hardcore values into the category of Ti and keep them safe, as in, "This is my truth, and you will not move me. I know how this works."

My feelings are used for creating harmony or avoiding conflict. I play with people. I'm actually fun to be around. I have lots of friends. Hey, this is way better. I'm not stuck on heavy values anymore. People have their own, and I have mine. Just flow with it.

Ultimately, I think it is important to learn to use all functions in all orientations. Currently, I'm working on tamping down my Ni in order to enjoy my Se and get a better read on reality. Also, I'm trying to remember my Si lessons and recognize multiple Ne opportunities.
For me finding this out on e night when going down a rabbit hole on youtube really had a profound effect on me. Had someone told me about this prior i would have been doubtful and pessimistic for sure but just naturally coming by it really hit home. I just happened to come across signs you may be an intj on youtube. It was seven minutes long. I watched it unaware of the 16 personality types (which after this video i got lost for a few days into all this). In that short 7 minute video i couldn't believe how accurately this video was describing me. Just one thing after another then saying wehy i feel that way or do that action and i hate to admit this but at the end of that 7 minutes i had tears in my eyes. NEVER in my time on this planet had anyone (or anything in this case) ever known me better then this video seemed to know me. It explained, among other things, how my intuition was just something that ive always been able to do and how when i try to explain it to anyone it just comes out wrong. Due to this fact, i eventually stopped telling anyone as i knew they would just think i was weird (the video went into this as well. It also explained to me WHY i can have these intuitions and feelings because i have a brain that recognizes patterns. It said i basically have been doing this since a small child and have been doing this over and over through the years. It basically allowed my subconscious to recognize these patterns without any effort from me... i just know things. I dont know how familijar you all may be with the Xmen comic book but i felt like mutants do when there powers first start to show... alone and feeling like im the only one. After awhile of never knowing anyone else to be able to do some of the things i can i felt like i waS THE ONLY ONE. This video totally changed thaT. It made me feel like i finally fit in somewhere and i wasnt some inside from the outside type of person. Never quite fitting in any socail group growing up, not quite. Unless i wanna put on my other persona to fit in better but thats not REALLY me. Anyways im gettting long in the tooth here but i think you get it. This had a profound effect on me because it was the first time at not only did someone truly understand me but that i wasnt alone with these abilities. For me it literally changed the rest of my lifge from that point on... i just wish it didnt take 35 years to find it, but im glad that i did
Well, I instinctively use the word "weird," which is derogatory. I should use uncommon or different.

I always knew I was weird and that the INFJ indicated that I am unlike so many others. So, reinforcement.

For me, it mainly serves as an impetus to better know who I am and what my place is.
For me, it mainly serves as an impetus to better know who I am and what my place is.

What do you believe your place is exactly/generally?
What do you believe your place is exactly/generally?
I saw your post and then reread mine and at first, it was like, "What the heck was I talking about?"

It has definitely helped me with who I am.

Now as to place, I suppose I would delineate that into purpose and my relational life. My sense of purpose is well defined and is to end this existence and I appreciate the idea of a messiah complex, but I don't think so. I'll blog sufficient to explain realizing it will be almost no one's cup of tea (and that's OK).

Relationally? I am a near recluse. On that count, I don't have a clue.