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  1. aeon

    Let’s Play a Game

    compliments to @thetinmen
  2. S

    Should an INFJ pursue the study of Law?

    Hello, I’m a high school junior. Recently, I’ve been discovering different fields of study and career choices to find out the most suitable one. I prefer Psychology, but in my country Psychology is still a newly developed branch of learning and offers few educational opportunities unless I study...
  3. Rudaynah


    Hello. I just wanted to get some advice on university choices and options. The thing is that I'm sitting for my A-levels in 1 month and I'll get my results next year. I'll have to apply for university. I want to apply for an international one. Preferably in Canada. The courses are extremely...
  4. ayakuro

    Abstract: Help With Project Idea (AI+Psychology+...)

    Greetings everyone, this is my first time posting here. I hope I didn't misplace the thread, but if I did, I'm sure some moderator will give me a heads up soon enough. First off, something has been wandering in the back of my mind for quite some time now. Ever since I've heard about artificial...
  5. schubert4life

    Stress, Burnout, Anxiety et al. in your work

    Hi, This will be my first post to this forum after taking a test which seems to identify me with the INFJ personality type. I have struggled to find a convincing answer to dealing with stress, burnout, anxiety 'et al.' when it comes to work, so thought I would try here since it seems I face the...
  6. Night Owl

    How Important Is Exposure To Classic Western Literature In Formalised Education?

    Let's talk about the role and importance people feel the classic works of Western Civilization should play in formal Western education. Namely primary (elementary) and secondary, but also tertiary education. I've been involved in many conversations where folks (who are teachers) older than...
  7. invisible

    Study Skills, Tips and Techniques

    please share your tips and techniques for studying effectively. go ahead and criticise the techniques mentioned by others if they have not worked for you as long as you give good reasons why. share your general study stories and anecdotes too.