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Should an INFJ pursue the study of Law?


Apr 24, 2020
Hello, I’m a high school junior. Recently, I’ve been discovering different fields of study and career choices to find out the most suitable one. I prefer Psychology, but in my country Psychology is still a newly developed branch of learning and offers few educational opportunities unless I study abroad, which I cannot do due to lack of financial support. Therefore, I have made a change of heart and considered an International Law degree and becoming a legal specialist for corporations.

However, since I have no experience in studying Law or working as a legal specialist, I am seeking reviews and advices from INFJ fellows who choose the same path or study/work in other fields but are willing to recommend their choices. I have heard that studying Law is hard, “you must be mentally strong to deal with all the studies and works”, “it’s exhausting” and so on. Still, I am relatively interested in this branch of learning and look for more reviews.

Thanks in advance :)
first of all, welcome. I hope you find your stay here entertaining if nothing else. . you know what they call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean??? (a good start). .
jokes aside, I have no idea. I think if you have a passion for it, then you should at least explore it, at your age you have ample time to do some exploration of careers.
My suggestion is to try a co-op or internship program over the summer at a law firm and see for yourself. You won't know until you're immersed in the environment and see what the day-to-day is like.
Personality doesn't prevent you from taking any field.

Personality =/= interests.

I enjoy history, science, economics, politics, law and I have a job in IT.

Any job you want to be good at requires work. There is no such thing as a job that isn't hard work if you're doing it right.

Question is, can you find fun in being an expert in your field, learning all you can and providing a high quality result to your employers, earning their respect and hopefully a good amount of money?

Also there are many jobs in the legal field that don't involve standing infront of a judge.

And even if you do want to do that, as long as you gain a level of confidence and a full knowledge of the law and historic cases of your field you can do extremely well if you are a detail oriented person.

Speaking as an AI specialist, we will never be able to replace lawyers with computers.

Why? New laws are written every day, and there is no way to keep an AI up to date with all the latest court rulings or give them access to non-digital historic cases or cases that aren't formated in such a way the AI can understand.

Especially as cases can be overturned so AI need to 'unlearn' law sometimes.

Law is a great field with good future prospects, just be ready to adapt when laws change, which they will.