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Cognitive Functions and Recreational Activities


May 23, 2017
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People of all types enjoy reading a book, watching telly, playing video games or pursuing other recreational activities in their down time. Though this thread is inspired by the example of watching telly, I suppose that it will vary across types and activity. My question is this: which functions do you use the most when pursuing that specific task?

Please name activity and function. Examples are encouraged.
My examples are reading fiction and watching telly. Most of the time I think I use Fe, mostly to simulate having relationships. Sometimes I feel like a parasite, feeding off other people's emotions, just because of my own selfish needs, because I don't have those experiences but want them.

Of course, other functions are stimulated as well. Ni, for the patterns that emerge over seasons (I recently voiced my disappointment on some predictable pattern in some unrelated series), structures in storytelling and the like. But Ni is also stimulated by our imagination being incited when reading stories, especially in the fantasy genre, our picturing characters and their adventures, delving deep into their thoughts and living through them.

I have read somewhere that Ti is used the most when playing video games, which is an interesting thought, but I'd probably have to think on the matter before making a final judgement.

Se is obviously (to me) used when I actively do something in the present: playing or making music, sports or chores.
It's tough because I really feel as if I'm always using the functions in an interlocked kind of way. So, in order:

When I'm writing/reading: Ni and Ti for philosophy, Ni and Fe for fiction.
When I'm socialising: Fe and Ni.
When I'm debating: Ti and Ni.
When I'm at work: Fe and then Ni/Ti equally.
When I'm micro-dosing whiskey with coca cola to deal with stress: Se.

And that's about all I do in life! I'm still to develop a healthy use of Se. Evidently. :D
I'm always using the functions in an interlocked kind of way.

Sure you don't just use one function. But in some instances, one function is prioritised in a specific activity. I just attempt to find out which is for which with the different types, or even within the same type.
@Ginny Agreed! In the list above, the first function mentioned is the one I prioritize. The second is the second most used, and so on. :)
@Ginny Agreed! In the list above, the first function mentioned is the one I prioritize. The second is the second most used, and so on. :)

But you do know that I was asking for (more or less specific) non-work-related, aka recreational, activities? :confused1:
You included work, which wasn't necessary. Or do you only work, socialise and philosophise?

What about puzzles and games? Telly or the occasional movie, even documentary?

Sorry if it seems like I am picking on you or nagging, it's not intended.
@Ginny Oh no, don't you ever be concerned about that with me. I enjoy it when people ask interesting questions in a direct way.

I do have a pretty rigorous, almost ascetic regimen I think. I spend a fair bit of time at work and/or planning my career moves (Ni); outside of that, I try to write at least 2h every two days (Ni-Ti and Ni-Fe). The rest of my time is spent reading (always one book of fiction and one book of philosophy) or socialising irl or on this forum (Fe-Ni). So in a sense, yes, what I answered above is the truth about my life.

I do occasionally engage in leisurely activities to recharge. I do play chess... I guess I would be using Ni an Ti then? But I should say that with games and puzzles, I'm often demolished by NTs. I feel like I focus my intensity on the wrong things. I'm useless in escape games, too (particularly against Ne users). Hmmmmm I do play tennis and go running once in a while, so that must be an example of healthy Se. I wish I did more of that.

I am an avid movie fan, yes. But I'm struggling to identify which functions I use most when I watch films. I tend to watch pretty arthouse films. What about you, actually? How would you describe your function use when you watch films? Of course Ni but that's an easy cop out, we're always gonna be using Ni :D
How would you describe your function use when you watch films?

I'm actually trying to figure it out as well. I definitely overuse Fe. Can't watch Saw, or Marley and Me. I laughed at the end of Final Destination 2, (and when Jack died in Titanic at a pyjama party in sixth grade) idk which function made me see the irony in that scene, though I guess it would indeed be an Ni-prediction in this case.

I think it depends often on how realistic it seems to me, or how engaging. I get restless with boring dramas, lengthy ones in particular, but it can also happen that they become less boring as I mature, I'd therefore put it into the Ti category. Anything really, which makes me think about the making of the movie, the less realistic or more artsy ones, the dramas with historical basis or the movies I have watched so often that is hard to properly engage emotionally (lack of attention), then Ti becomes more active. I experience less and analyse more. Although... sometimes it does make me think about my values, so Fe/Ti --> Fi may be triggered, but only occasionally.
It’s funny because you don’t strike me as overusing Fe on this forum. Not saying you don’t use it – but I wouldn’t say you overuse it. Taking inspiration from what you said, I would say that my Ti is also relatively strong when I watch and assess films. I’d often praise a Bergman or Tarkovsky film with a lot of feels, but always couched in very rational language: “the way this was done was a perfect way to express that abstract or emotional idea”… I’d often speak about movies that way. And I’ve developed a sort of internal grid for evaluating movies systematically, though of course the grid is still a bit flexible. I tend to (over)intellectualise everything.

Btw - why is this thread being slept on?! It's such an interesting topic. I'd love to hear about other people's functional use in recreational activities :innocent:
It’s funny because you don’t strike me as overusing Fe on this forum.

It's because a forum lacks the immediacy of a film or even a conversation. I watch what I write, reading it twice or thrice over, though sometimes I am a bit overzealous, like when I am drunk or have too much fun.

why is this thread being slept on?

Maybe it's a boring title?
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The Ti-Ne-Si axis is great for watching movies

Ti analyze the way the movie is constructed and what it's purpose is

Ne pick up on motifs and metaphors recognize the connection between events and characters

Si Remembering other films so that you can compare them with what you are currently watching

Great for movies.

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