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  1. SimVicious

    Psychopath being an INFJ

    I came here to learn more about myself and perhaps find more people like myself. Believe it or not, i'm mixture between the impossible, Psychopath and INFJ. Excellent reading skills, i notice most details, faces, hands, feet and gestures, i'm creative deep thinker with an inner voice full of...
  2. Rowan Tree

    [INFJ] How do you 'train' your cognitive functions?

    It would be interesting to hear other types hereabouts (ENTJs, INTPs, ENTPs—you know who you are?) describe how they develop their cognitive functions too. I am interested in what activities you engage in to develop the four functions. To illustrate: Ni ~ Introverted Intuition: This probably...
  3. bonfire

    What kind of reader are you?

    I'm a neurotic reader right now. :sweatsmile: How about you?
  4. Ginny

    Cognitive Functions and Recreational Activities

    People of all types enjoy reading a book, watching telly, playing video games or pursuing other recreational activities in their down time. Though this thread is inspired by the example of watching telly, I suppose that it will vary across types and activity. My question is this: which functions...
  5. RyuTech

    Book Suggestions

    Tell us which books you think are worth reading and why :) I do a quick start on a smaller one i'd really enjoy reading: Cory Doctorow - Backup Its a great story about personalities and thinking in a future world where dying doesnt matter anymore. It offers many insights on how a future...