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Dec 17, 2016
Tell us which books you think are worth reading and why :)

I do a quick start on a smaller one i'd really enjoy reading:
Cory Doctorow - Backup


Its a great story about personalities and thinking in a future world where dying doesnt matter anymore.
It offers many insights on how a future society could work and what would change in how people approach their life as they are given an infinite amount of time for creativity and reaching all the goals they can imagine.
Also it has its tension cause of the possibilities of hacking life and memories.

PS: If you decide to read it feel free to PM me about what you think about it :)
I just wanted to mention that the title of the book is different in english.

It is called "Down and out in the magic kingdom" and its possible to read it online for free as the author published them without aiming for money. <- You can download or watch it here.
You'd have to tell me what kind of book you want to read, that way, I can tailor my recommendation to you. As someone who loves sci fi, your suggestion sounds pretty interesting.
I enjoy books about either Society/Future, about Fantasy or Psychology. Thats pretty wide though. And of course this thread is not to make recommendations for me :D but to share your favorite pieces and explain why you like them.
anything and everything by alastair reynolds. Start with revelation space and work your way through them

hands down the best sci fi writer. Period

he will totally change your view of what the future will be like
I wouldn't recommend what I'm currently reading. Mein Kampf. I'm not reading it as some sort of aspiring neo-nazi, but as an interesting example of applied group psychology.

The first chapter was kind of boring. Hitler is definitely an INFJ, INTJ, or ISTP... and his style is remarkably similar to what you would find in the posts on this forum. His antisemitism is NOT exaggerated by history... it is exhaustingly present in everything I've read so far. (I found that if I mentally substitute "mainstream media" for "Jews", it is at least possible to understand the point he is trying to make, without it being so unexplained as to seem to be from another planet's world-view).

Anyhow, I skipped ahead to a chapter on the importance of speeches. He has some very adept insights into the psychology of changing political alignments. He notes little details, like how people's emotional responsiveness is different at different times of the day: lamenting that in his early years of politics, he sometimes failed to have any impact on his daytime audiences whatsoever. I can't tell if he was more hurt that he couldn't affect his audience (INFJ), or that he couldn't propagate his "world-concept" (INTJ).

What has surprised me is how accessible Hitler's personality is... it's almost homely and naive, and a tiny bit effeminate at times. I just can't imagine some burly ESTJ skinhead reading this book, and not squirming in discomfort, an image which has had me grinning often.

Anyhow, I'll probably read a couple more chapters, because some of his psychological insights are both interesting and useful for effective communication, but I'd much rather spend time reading Aristotle's various works again.
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Currently reading Yoko Tawada's The Last Children of Tokyo. One of the titular, Mumei, is quite INFJ, 'Mumei had an uncanny ability to read people's thoughts. It spooked Yoshiro sometimes, the way he didn't just sense a person's general mood, but actually seemed to read their minds, as if he were reading a book.' Good novel; a bittersweet, subtle apocalyptic-dystopia.