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  1. Asa

    Movies That Are Better Than The Book.

    It's a cliché that the book is always better. Have you ever seen a movie (or series) that was better than the book?
  2. mintoots

    Any suggestions?

    Are you ever in that mood where you want to read a book or watch a film but no title comes to mind? Often, I am. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a specific kind of film or music or art but would find that my current library or watchlist isn't satisfying. Hence, this thread: Mechanics: 1. Explain...
  3. bonfire

    What kind of reader are you?

    I'm a neurotic reader right now. :sweatsmile: How about you?
  4. Ginny

    How do you feel when and after you read a book?

    Here is a quote from one of my favourite books. I think it describes most closely what I feel after I have finished a book, specifically those I love the most. "She’d stretched out reading them as long as she could, but it was May now and she’d just turned the last page of the last book. That’s...
  5. RyuTech

    Book Suggestions

    Tell us which books you think are worth reading and why :) I do a quick start on a smaller one i'd really enjoy reading: Cory Doctorow - Backup Its a great story about personalities and thinking in a future world where dying doesnt matter anymore. It offers many insights on how a future...
  6. Gaze

    Favorite comics

    What are your favorite comics? Why? So, just bought my first comics in a comic book store. Haven't really looked at comics since I was a wee kid in school. Here's what I bought. Quality is kinda poor, but here goes.
  7. J

    What was the last book you read ?

    Hi all, I read an article earlier entitled; Yale Study: People Who Read Live Longer Than Those Who Dont