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  1. Asa

    Movies That Are Better Than The Book.

    It's a cliché that the book is always better. Have you ever seen a movie (or series) that was better than the book?
  2. Rowan Tree

    [INFJ] How do you 'train' your cognitive functions?

    It would be interesting to hear other types hereabouts (ENTJs, INTPs, ENTPs—you know who you are?) describe how they develop their cognitive functions too. I am interested in what activities you engage in to develop the four functions. To illustrate: Ni ~ Introverted Intuition: This probably...
  3. RyuTech

    Book Suggestions

    Tell us which books you think are worth reading and why :) I do a quick start on a smaller one i'd really enjoy reading: Cory Doctorow - Backup Its a great story about personalities and thinking in a future world where dying doesnt matter anymore. It offers many insights on how a future...