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  • Ah, cool. I immediately start having sex with the first man I can find, haha! It's so annoying. I keep telling myself that next time I need to try other things, but for some reason, I'm stumped and it's the only thing I can think of doing. However, I have flown before, and it wasn't as good as I expected it to be. It just wasn't very realistic (floaty and no wind or anything like that). Even the guys are pixel-y close up. I remembered to look in a mirror once too, and I had a blonde afro! You may have read my post about the unicorn? That was like a lucid dream within a dream. Sometimes, when I'm in the lucid dream, I'm very aware of my body asleep in bed and the whole thing feels unstable. Do you get that? I've been looking at my hands and asking myself if I'm dreaming. That's how I learnt anyway.

    Too much stress at the moment, I think! You know what we're like for overthinking things :)

    I've got a speed awareness course tomorrow :(
    Like you, I try to stick to one fiction and one non-fiction. I don't know how this happened! I was struggling with Murakami, so I started Brave New World. Then I remembered I'd already started a couple of non-fictions about birds, and also need to finish a little children's book I was half way through (and also a book about lucid dreaming!). I don't even read that much now! Erm... kind of, yeah. Because I read so slowly, I never really get around to reading anything on my list. I like comic sci-fi. Have you read any Tom Holt? I listened to The Portable Door and found it hilarious.

    No, no. You seem really intelligent (not surprising - INTP!). I think another thing is that it takes me some time to get comfortable around people, enough to be able to spill the contents of my intellectual brain on them! However, emotionally, I'm open instantly :) I'm supposed to be writing a paper at work, to be published, using some old data from the radar. When I'll get around to it though... who knows! We're so busy at the moment. I'm driving down to Bristol for the week on Monday. I'll be catching gulls and putting GPS tags on them, which should be fun (if successful). Most of the stuff we do is confidential, however.
    Oh, I'm glad you've ordered it! I actually listened to the audiobook, which was abridged, so I've bought the book and will get around to reading it soon, hopefully (once I've finished the other five I'm in the middle of!).

    With regard to Sum - Someone told me about this book in 2012, and I thought it sounded really interesting. I forgot the name of it though. Thanks for reminding me!! :D

    So, you don't like where you live? I have to admit that sometimes I feel dumb compared with some people. I have a feeling I'd feel that way with you. I guess I am less intellectual and more emotionally intelligent and curious. Also, being an INFJ, more goes on in my head than I let out of my mouth.

    No, it didn't work. Have I mentioned the lucid dreaming yet? I started doing it last year but, it's kind of stopped as I haven't thought about it for a while. It is really weird and interesting when it happens though. Image streaming sounds weird! I'm impressed. I don't think I have enough focus for it to work. I'm having trouble with an over-active brain at the moment!

    Yeah, it's nice chatting to you :)
    Hi dude... sorry for the massively delayed response!

    You really know no one who you can talk to about those things? I was lucky enough to date two intelligent guys in the last six months and, although things didn't work out romantically, we remained friends and I can have some good intellectual and spiritual conversations with them. I don't have many friends (close ones), being an introvert!

    Have you read Ishmael? I think it's my favourite book. I'm currently reading The Empty Boat by Osho Rajneesh (plus about 4 other books!). Last night I listened to an astral projection hypnosis video on YouTube. I fell asleep though.....

    Aikido sounds good. I like to keep fit too - our bodies are temples, our physical vessels!

    Yes, I think you're suitably weird :)
    Hmmm, yes, it can be difficult to communicate with co-workers. At my job, I prefer to speak to the admin staff than the other scientists. I find them less pretentious and I can discuss some of my personal issues with them. However, I also like to discuss consciousness, spirituality and the universe, but there's no one here to discuss those things with!

    Go on then.... hit me with some of the things you're interested in!

    I'm not too bothered about having lots in common in with someone (I realised this recently). It's more about finding someone who has depth, ambition and passion. It's nice when their passion is different to your own because it helps you keep your independence and also makes it a little more interesting.

    Yes, you're right about INTJs with the "I'm right, you're wrong" statement. However, knowing that it's because they are INTJs helps me understand why they have that attitude. In discussions with them, they are very confident and deal out facts. It seems like they aren't interested in your opinion. Whereas INFJs are full of sentences beginning with "I think", "Maybe..." and "How do you feel/what do you think"! INFPs are similar to INTJs! They seem more open to discussion and contemplation, however, I tend to get "I knew that already" from them :p
    Well, I don't get how that works as all we (INFJs) seem to do is "give a fuck"!

    Do you enjoy your job? I don't think it's ever too late to start studying something different, if you really wanted to.

    I've learned that INTJs are complicated creatures. That's it really. I've just started dating again and like to find out their MBTI type straight away so that I can figure them out! I think I'm freaking some of them out though...

    Is there an INTP forum?
    "Wowote" is essential wow + Wyote, a nick name dubbed by hush and bestowed upon Wyote. A while back he put "fresh for president" as his usertitle (which is free + hush) after some banter in a thread. So, I put him as my vice president. :p

    Hope you are well! <3 ij
    You're right.. But I drew a blank yesterday, as far as small talk is concerned, lol.
    Well, I am here primarily to discover more about myself and find explanations for why I feel and behave the way I do. All serious stuff! :p

    Ah, I see. I'm on other personality forums, mainly to understand men! MBTI seems to be a useful tool for understanding in relationships. INFJ is very different ot INTP..... Where's the confusion?

    Thanks! Yes, corvids in general are highly intelligent birds. What do you do for work?

    Did this work??? :)
    Well it was from several years ago. Did you make the same joke at another forum possibly?
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