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  1. MilaEd

    [INFJ] INFP(F) here in love with an INFJ(M) need your help

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but I really need some advice here. I'm an INFP woman, divorced, totally in love with this INFJ guy. I'm a software engineer, and I met him for the first time when he took my interview for my first job. I joined that company and worked there for 2 years. He was...
  2. Griffinheart

    Am I a 1w9 or a 4w3?

    I'm back after a hiatus. Needed time to readjust to the natural world. So I've been thinking of this recently and I haven't come to any conclusions yet. So I know the Enneagram deals with motivations for your actions yet the topical behaviours associated with them confuse me at times. In my...
  3. Le Miroir

    Determining and typing your Enneagram type/wing.

    How to correctly find your enneagram..... I separated this post into 3 sections -how to, and tips -my experience -question/ discussion Hello so I personally had extremely hard trouble finding my Enneagram type and wing I never felt connected and I didn’t know how to find my type. So here is...
  4. Gemuine

    [INFJ] Am I an INFJ or INFP?

    Please look at my Quora page: I mostly answer questions about INFJ.. Now I'm not sure if I'm an INFJ because there is this guy that tells me that 6w4 and 4w5 is theoretically impossible.. but how come I tested correct for 1w9, 6w4, and 4w5?? He's really...
  5. J

    INFP-INTJ Breakup/Relationship issues

    My boyfriend of almost two years (INTJ) and I (INFP) broke up a few days ago. Our relationship has always been very solid, we have a lot of fun together, love each other very much, and have never really fought before a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago, he started getting very moody. While he has...
  6. hunnybee143

    [INFJ] Question about INFJ temperamental?

    I'm pretty sure that based on the order of functions that I am an INFJ especially pertaining to how I have always had insight into future events and people which I could rarely explain and would always astonish others.... However, I sometimes get confused and wonder if I'm actually an INFP, and...
  7. J

    INFP or INFJ

    Hello all, I would like some clarification of my preferred type. I have thought of myself as an INFJ for months based on cognitive functions. Recently I have been wondering if I am actually INFP after paying for a test created by Dr. Drenth. It came out at a slight preference (53%) INFP. I...
  8. S

    INFJ & INFP, are they compatible?

    Do you think an INFJ & an INFP would make a good couple? Why or why not?
  9. S

    INFJ Mixed Signals

    Hey everyone Lately, I've been getting a lot of mixed signals from an INFJ guy friend of mine. I thought maybe he liked me because he gets very protective over me in particular, he lightly teases me sometimes, I catch him looking at me often and then he looks away when I catch him, he often sits...
  10. RunDeep

    INFP Male Interested in ENFJ Female

    Hi everyone! I'm new here. Just thought I'd throw that out there. :P I was wondering about INFP-ENFJ relationships. I have always heard the saying that "The ENFJ is the INFP's best friend." Is this actually true... lol Does anyone here have any personal experience with this dynamic in a...
  11. littlexxghost


    I've been thinking on whether I am an INFJ or an INFJ so I meandered on the web and found this helpful article. After reading it I am sure I am an INFJ. Does anyone find it accurate or is another internet hoax?
  12. M

    [INFJ] Can a depressed INFJ test as an INFP?

    I'm an INFJ and I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (I have depression only in the fall and winter months). I've noticed that I test as an INFJ in the spring and summer, and I test as INFP in the fall and winter. I was wondering, what would cause me to test differently when I have depression?
  13. G

    First relationship and feeling weird

    I'm in my first ever relationship (im 20) and i sort of cant believe it bc ive always been so independent and have had difficulty finding people who i feel comfy with (who new??). im with an infp and we morally get on really well are both super sensitive to the world and all that stuff, we talk...
  14. A

    [INFJ] Help: my friend an infj is pulling all the curtain "silently withdrawn" on me.

    I have an infj friend who becomes detached, withdrawn, and is closing all the curtain on me. We are not particularly close but we have known each other for a long time. I care about him deeply. I said something wrong to him. At that time I didn't know. I thought the wrong thing so said the wrong...
  15. R

    I'm an INFP trying to start a relationship with an INFJ

    Hi, I've only just started dating an INFJ at first I didn't even know what the 16 myer-briggs personality types was even about. We both met via a dating website and our conversations seemed to be a great match. Not only when we spoke online but also in person and I feel so comfortable around him...
  16. B

    The Final Step. Fe or Fi?

    Hello. Ive resolved my identity crisis. I realised that my enneagram is either a 4w5 or a 5w4, Leaning more to 5w4 though. Either way, both are equally strong. My main question is about chameleonism and Fe, or Fi, whatever it is. After indulging in descriptions of INFJs and INFPs, I feel...