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Determining and typing your Enneagram type/wing.

Le Miroir

Aug 29, 2020
How to correctly find your enneagram.....

I separated this post into 3 sections
-how to, and tips
-my experience
-question/ discussion

Hello so I personally had extremely hard trouble finding my Enneagram type and wing I never felt connected and I didn’t know how to find my type.

So here is what I learn

just like the MBTI test Enneagram Test are not perfect you can use them go get an idea but not fully rely on them

Here is what I recommend

Educate yourself what truly the Enneagram and how it works


Based on your MBTI type look up all the posible subtypes.
I recommend this video if you are a INFJ
(If you’re not a INFJ just look up one of the following)
- *your MBTI type* enneagrams
- *your MBTI type* types
- *your MBTI type* subtypes

Next watch videos of individual or “combined” enneagram type with the dominant and wing type examples 6w4, 4w5,5w4, ect.
Try to look up the one you have in mind that you feel drawn to.

What helped me was clips of movies or people explaining this type. Also watch other types just to make sure your not that type.

When I took my enneagram test I got 6w5 but after seeing a video clip
I knew I was not that type fully

so I did more research and confirmed I was a 5w4 after watching people explain the differences and there own experiences.

Here is a video that helped me confirmed I was a 5w4

Second tip just follow your inner gut if you don’t feel connected to your results Its most likely you are NOT that type

you can also read other people’s experiences that really helps and you can further understand and know how to find your E.

Seeing my true results explain a lot to me I always some what related to the great creativity art of the INFP most of my time I was conflicted with myself because I still had many qualities of a INFJ experience the problems.
After learning my enneagram wing being a four perfectly explain things to me.


so here is my question how did you knew and find your enneagram type?
If you are still struggling is there any way I can help?
Was it hard to find your enneagram?
And how did you find it?
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I see you've discovered our friend @Ren 's channel :) he has lots of great videos!

Was it hard to find your enneagram?
And how did you find it?

I struggled between 5, 4 and 9 before finally settling on 9 after reading more in depth about the fears and growth processes, integration/disintegration of each type. It's very easy for me to assume I'm a 5 and I certainly have all the compassion of a 4, but the way I most naturally operate is definitely deeply rooted in 9ness. The wing was easier for me because I'm much more 1 than 8.
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Thanks pal :blush:

Although I think your quest to convince most INFJs 5w4 that they're probably 4w5 is far from over lol

Maybe I'm wrong! Maybe we're all 5w4 after all!
(I do think you are literally the toughest one to determine between 4&5 grrrr lmao)