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enneagram 4

  1. Le Miroir

    Determining and typing your Enneagram type/wing.

    How to correctly find your enneagram..... I separated this post into 3 sections -how to, and tips -my experience -question/ discussion Hello so I personally had extremely hard trouble finding my Enneagram type and wing I never felt connected and I didn’t know how to find my type. So here is...
  2. P

    [INFJ] Old Soul INFJ 4w5 Aries, how do you think this personality is ?

    I Found that I am in INFJ Old Soul with enneagram 4w5 And my Zodiac sign is Aries, is there anybody who has similar traits and what is your perception regarding this complex type ?
  3. C

    [INFJ] New Philosophical Movement: Kellerinianism

    New World Religion / Spiritual Movement / Societal Movement : youtube.com/KellerinaBacon Revealing The Kellerinianism Movement! Also known as: BACON SPIRITUALITY! This is a NEW Movement! This is a societal, philisophical, political, spiritual, and soulful lifestyle movement aimed at...