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  1. Griffinheart

    Am I a 1w9 or a 4w3?

    I'm back after a hiatus. Needed time to readjust to the natural world. So I've been thinking of this recently and I haven't come to any conclusions yet. So I know the Enneagram deals with motivations for your actions yet the topical behaviours associated with them confuse me at times. In my...
  2. Le Miroir

    Determining and typing your Enneagram type/wing.

    How to correctly find your enneagram..... I separated this post into 3 sections -how to, and tips -my experience -question/ discussion Hello so I personally had extremely hard trouble finding my Enneagram type and wing I never felt connected and I didn’t know how to find my type. So here is...
  3. PapillonT

    Enneagram IV and Attachment

    In my research on the Enneagram, I've paused on the instinctual variant sub-types - in particular, I'm curious about possible correlation between this kind of typing and behaviour in close relationships. Besides the two tests, please feel free to share your own conclusions on this. I've seen...
  4. hithere

    The Enneagram - How did you determine your type?

    I don't think the tests are any good. They leave me more confused. Whereas MBTI seems to be focused more on personality, the Enneagram seems to try and tell me what my values are. How can that be inherent? I'm curious how others determined their type. What clicked for you? What made you...
  5. Somnium

    Identifying someone’s Typology

    I’ve been trying to figure this person out, but considering how much I’m emotionally involved I wanted somebody else’s perspective. I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible: He doesn’t have many friends. During his school days he used to be pretty sociable but adulthood made him more focused...
  6. Austin Nay

    [INFJ] Post Your Enneagram Tritype

    For INFJs only, post your Enneagram tritype here with the wings. Mine is: 2w1 - 6w5 - 9w1
  7. Parker

    What Are Enneagrama? Help?

    So, prior to joining this forum, I hadn’t heard anything about Enneagrams. What are they? Does anyone have any resources that can help me understand? (Besides posts on the forum) Thanks!
  8. Ginny

    Enneagram Type 10 - The Hero?

    I came across this video today. What is being said does seem to make sense in some form, but there are aspects which remain unexplored, for example how it fits into the system (besides only where). Is it even something that could be considered a type of its own, rather than a wing type or a...
  9. Gemuine

    [INFJ] Am I an INFJ or INFP?

    Please look at my Quora page: https://www.quora.com/profile/Queena-Han# I mostly answer questions about INFJ.. Now I'm not sure if I'm an INFJ because there is this guy that tells me that 6w4 and 4w5 is theoretically impossible.. but how come I tested correct for 1w9, 6w4, and 4w5?? He's really...
  10. Solaire

    What is the noblest enneagram type among all?

    Speaking from the point of view of behavior and why.........
  11. acd

    Enneagram Tritype Test

    A long ass quiz but pretty interesting: https://www.qzzr.com/c/quiz/268918/enneagram-tritype-test I got: The Justice Fighter- Tritype 368/683/836 -Ambitious/Efficient -Inquisitive/Loyal -Protective/Straightforward -Verbally adept and a good reader of people and situations, you have the...
  12. D

    New personalty test based on Enneagram

    Hi, I and my partner have been Enneagram enthusiasts for a long time. We worked a lot on the concepts of character formation and we developed a drive - response model as the core of our character analysis on the top of which are the well known 9 types from Enneagram theory. If you had ever...