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Jan 28, 2018
Please look at my Quora page: https://www.quora.com/profile/Queena-Han#
I mostly answer questions about INFJ.. Now I'm not sure if I'm an INFJ because there is this guy that tells me that 6w4 and 4w5 is theoretically impossible.. but how come I tested correct for 1w9, 6w4, and 4w5?? He's really helpful in a way but..
Now I'm just all confused about everything.

Also, in my Quora description, it says I tested for INFP but cognitively I got INFJ.
I took the test over 15 times during a 6 year span.. lol yea, but throughout those years I received different types.
My Very First Test score was: INFJ.
Second Test score was: INTJ
Third Test score for the rest of the time I kept getting: INFP

Then I took a cognitive test which I recieved an INFJ.

Thank you for your time :) .
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I've read your Quora profile. So far you sound like an INFJ to me. But I'm not 100% sure because anecdotes aren't really reliable to use to type someone (it's called empathy gap, where you may have a bias that affects your perception of self and recollection). You can, however, start from telling each function of your possible types apart, such as Ni/Ne, Fi/Fe, Ti/Te, Si/Se. I recommend reading Psychological Types by Jung or
Personality Type by Lenore Thomson (the latter has a personality test too, and is a much easier read).
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Sometimes agonizing over preferences and function stacks can be difficult, and self-assessment is also tricky.

Try looking at it from another angle. What is your inferior function, and more specifically, which grip (how does your inferior function "explode" when you're under a lot of stress) do you tend to fall prey to?

INFP (Inferior Te grip): When stressed to the point of breaking, INFPs will tend to overanalyze everything, become excessively critical, be obsessed with being organized, etc.

INFJ (Inferior Se grip): Overindulge in sensory pleasures, impulsiveness/recklessness, etc.


From an INTP's perspective, these are the obvious differences between INFPs and INFJs that I notice:

INFPs: Tend to be very individualistic (but sometimes kind of neutral in appearance like INTPs), have very strong and sometimes atypical personal values/beliefs, have a "creative" mindset

INFJs: Very awkward in person, esp. physically (I've heard inferior Se described as the body feeling alien), social chameleons, care a lot about promoting harmony among others, easily burn out by giving too much to others


I've been friends and in relationships with INFPs my entire life, and nearly all of them have tended to become depressed due to feelings of alienation from time to time. I've been friends with a few INFJs in my life, and they tend to become stressed/depressed due to burnout and constantly meeting others' emotional needs.