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  1. Gemuine

    [INFJ] Am I an INFJ or INFP?

    Please look at my Quora page: I mostly answer questions about INFJ.. Now I'm not sure if I'm an INFJ because there is this guy that tells me that 6w4 and 4w5 is theoretically impossible.. but how come I tested correct for 1w9, 6w4, and 4w5?? He's really...
  2. E

    [INFJ] Do INFJ guys lie about liking someone when they are not ready for a relationship?

    Hey!! :grin::grin::grin:I'm an ENFP seeking advice about the confusing behaviour of an INFJ guy friend :disrelieved: We were childhood acquaintances but only got to know each other as friends in the last year. Within a few months, being the ENFP I am :persevere:, I confessed to him that I was...