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Enneagram Type 10 - The Hero?


May 23, 2017
1w2 sx/sp

I came across this video today. What is being said does seem to make sense in some form, but there are aspects which remain unexplored, for example how it fits into the system (besides only where). Is it even something that could be considered a type of its own, rather than a wing type or a tritype, or both?

I also had another idea: Could this be some kind of archetype that all types aspire to be(come)? This latter question would apply to me, but as I am an enneagram 1, this could also have to do with adjacence.

What do you think? Is this an archetype that could be represented by another existing type within the framework, a type of its own (which would probably mess up the lines), or is it a hidden aspiration within us all?
Or do you think it's poppycock?
Sounds to me after watching the video that he is describing a Shadow Archetype. Yes a positive attitude, but the want to control the situation and out come...

I could be biased because of his reference to the E2 being a martyr of sorts to helping at the expense of their own needs and I being an E2 see that is a far stretch from actual truth. As a Helper there is no expectations attached when investing in helping another. The key is to 'ask' the other if I can help them in some way instead of just diving in to 'fix' them or their situation...Hero? Perhaps.

Just a thought ;)
Do you think it's only theoretical? If not, have you ever seen a type ten?
If you meant to adress me, then no, I haven't seen such a type. I also don't think that it fits into the dynamic of the theory as it has been presented to me so far. But I am open to the possibility of its existence, given the right frame of reference, by which I mean, it has to be integrated into the theory or the theory has to be altered in such a way that it fits into it without being completely obliterated in the way that it has worked so far.