1. Roses In The Vineyard

    Positive Personality Disintegration

    Couldn't find a thread that would be appropriate for this but anyway found it interesting none the less.
  2. OrangeLizzard

    I hypothesize that those who are self professed introverts are generally more cynical and less trust

    Hey guys, I have a interview/survey assignment in one class and we got to choose our topics so I decided to come up with a theory surrounding our personality styles having influence on our political views. I have a theory that introverts tend to be more 'cynical' per say than extroverts? I...
  3. Ginny

    Enneagram Type 10 - The Hero?

    I came across this video today. What is being said does seem to make sense in some form, but there are aspects which remain unexplored, for example how it fits into the system (besides only where). Is it even something that could be considered a type of its own, rather than a wing type or a...