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  1. Lao Tzunami

    Jung's Mandala

    I'm been learning about Jung's 4 part mandala for a few years now, and how it is applied in typology. I made a short blog that has an animated version of his final mandala, and a break down of the symbolism. Feel free to ask if you'd like more information...
  2. Sandie33

    Mistakes vs Blindspots

    Have a listen to this podcast. :) What do you think/ feel about the idea that some mistakes are not mistakes but rather blindspots to misteps? Would you notice the difference? Share your views, thoughts, comments. I'm curious to hear from all types on the topic. *please remember to be...
  3. RonjaRaeubertochter

    [INFJ] Would you describe yourself rather as chaotic or organised?

    On which side of the spectrum are you rather, chaotic or organised?
  4. Rowan Tree

    [ESTJ] Dysfunctional ESTJ?

    There is someone with whom I have worked well in the past, but have come to regard as potentially highly dysfunctional, manipulative, megalomaniacal, etc. In all honesty, this person's behaviour strikes me as increasingly concerning—showing signs of harrassing and bullying, but also...
  5. Ginny

    Enneagram Type 10 - The Hero?

    I came across this video today. What is being said does seem to make sense in some form, but there are aspects which remain unexplored, for example how it fits into the system (besides only where). Is it even something that could be considered a type of its own, rather than a wing type or a...