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  1. Joe 94

    The Non-Categorizable-INFJ

    A lot of INFJ's feel helpless because they realize how limited the corporate world is. It doesn't give them room to express themselves fully, even though there are some careers that seem to fit better than others. And it's not as if all corporate jobs are evil; however the INFJ seems to pick up...
  2. M

    [INFJ] Need your advice on INFJ career problems!

    I'm an INFJ, (24 years old, female) I studied social work and had several jobs for a short period but i'm still struggling to find what I want and can do. It's not easy in my country to find a job as a social worker so when I was searching for a job I first worked as a childcare worker, which...
  3. QuietBrave


    Obviously education and career choice aren't based solely on MBTI type, lol, but I am curious what subjectively your favorite/recommended college majors would be for INFJ and ENFP in particular, or for various types and functions in general. I know I could google this (have in the past) and see...
  4. Rudaynah

    What after school?

    What after highschool? What course? How do I do when I only know the sector where I want to work but not my exact career? I can't seem to be able to decide. It's because I've never tried any job. How the hell will I know what suits me? I'm scared... I'm stressed... I'm tired...
  5. mintoots

    Let's talk about women in powerplay

    Let's talk about feminism in the workplace or in clear career paths. Any topic is welcome, but to start: Would you consider yourself a feminist? Why or why not? And/or Feminist or not, tell us a story that you know which highlights either the oppression of women in the workplace, the...
  6. N

    [INFJ] Which of these subjects suits me better as an INFJ?

    Hello. I'm in a pickle. I have been studying law for two years and I do not like it. It feels like it's slowly munching away at my soul, one bite at a time. On the other hand, I think I would like being a lawyer and doing something meaningful like helping families and underdogs and whatnot...
  7. TheFool

    [INFJ] Anyone working with life-coaching?

    And if you do, any tips how to become one? :)
  8. Rycka

    INFJ AND BUSINESS: can these two work together?

    Hey! :grinning: So I've been wondering how well INFJ personality and the role of a business owner mix together? Do infj's strive for such a thing, or is it something that they naturally shy away from? Personally I've tried freelancing and dropshipping so I loved the freedom aspect of...
  9. K

    How do you handle constructive criticism?

    A few questions here: How do you handle constructive criticism from a higher up or from a colleague? Do you get stressed easily at work? On a team, are you the Positive Pat or Negative Nelly? Are you happy in your career choice?
  10. K

    [INFJ] How to master the first week @work?

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and as an INFJ to the core I'm in love with it! I'm female, 25, and I'm addressing you because I'm interested in your experiences with getting into a new job, integrating into your team and over the lung run, how you did you manage to become a valuable asset...
  11. Elvalight

    Career ideas?

    I found out I was an INFJ fairly recently and was hoping for advice regarding careers. I love planning, organizing, animals and listening to people, so my top job options were a vet tech, counselor, or event planner. The thing is, I have anxiety and don't think I would be allowed to become a...
  12. M

    [INFJ] What job would be good for me based on these characteristics?

    Hello, I am a recent university graduate who is struggling to figure out to do with my life. I have listed below a short bio, the tasks/skills I enjoy and my interests. Thank you all in advance for taking the time to help me! Additional information about me: I studied rhetoric at a small...
  13. M

    Don't know what kind of entry level job I should be looking for. What's best for me?

    Hey, guys. Trying to find a job that best matches my personality and have turned to my Myer's Briggs personality type for the answer. My personality type statistics are this: Introverted:12% Intuitive:56% Feeling:28% Judging:22% I've taken other tests that say a salesman position would...
  14. invisible

    job resignation

    The time has come for me to resign from my job. I've been with the company for almost 6 years and have contributed a lot of good quality work, but there are no promotion opportunities for me. My technical skills and qualifications are rapidly becoming too advanced for it to be worthwhile staying...
  15. Scientia

    Authority and Your Expectations

    If you work for someone, do you find that they do/don't measure up to your idea of what a good authority figure should be? Do you accept their directives, when you don't agree, without arguing or do you state your mind? What qualities do you look for in a boss/leader?
  16. E

    Are there any INFJ's working in Training & Development/HR here?

    Hi Everyone! I'm new to this forum, and just discovered that I'm an INFJ (which explains a lot in my life, especially my recent desire to switch careers). I wanted to reach out and see if anyone can give me some advice from first-hand experience in the field I'm considering going into. I...
  17. P

    [INFJ] Ex-Teacher/Ex-Performer--Out of Ideas

    First time on the forum here, and I hope someone can offer some advice. My background is centered around music. I currently hold down four part-time music jobs, and it is exhausting. I am traveling between jobs, which can be 2+ hours of commuting on some days. I go to 2-3 weekday jobs each...