[INFJ] Which of these subjects suits me better as an INFJ?


Hello. I'm in a pickle.

I have been studying law for two years and I do not like it. It feels like it's slowly munching away at my soul, one bite at a time. On the other hand, I think I would like being a lawyer and doing something meaningful like helping families and underdogs and whatnot.

However... I have always been interested in psychology as a subject (naturally), and I know for a fact that I would love to study it. But - and here's the tricky part - I believe I wouldn't like to work as a psychologist. Maybe a researcher or something, because typical for an INFJ, I want to change the system!

So, summa summarum: I hate law, would perhaps like to work as a lawyer; love psychology, don't want to work as a psychologist. Is there a career in psychology where I would get to not only help people but do it on a "higher" level? What should I do? Can someone please advice me on how to reason regarding my situation? My dream job would be to make a living on writing, but that's a long shot. Thank you all, love this community. <3
Law is a hugely diverse field. You should do some more research before you write it off. You've got criminal, family, elder, patent, corporate... and more I can't think of.

An undergrad degree in psychology won't get you very far and unless you really want to help change diapers on adults or the equivalent while sitting at a middle school guidance counsolor's desk. (I personally know too many people in this field, the jobs stink.) I suggest you think long and hard on that one. My opinion is just bite the bullet and go full force for your MD and then consider psychiatry, where you can at least prescribe meds to make your patients love you :D

Seriously though - picking a major/minor is hard. My parents always said "just get a degree and then you can be whatever you want to be". It doesn't work like that anymore. If I could go back in time I'd tell myself to go for patent law.

ETA: Hi! Just realized you're new here. Welcome.
Look into heuristics or I/O psych. There are many fields in psychology that aren't psychologists or counseling.