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Do you hug much?


*melts into hug*
But yeah, hugs are good. Family and friends for sure, strangers, well, I'll feel them out and see what I think they can reasonably take. Then I'll probably go just a smidgen over the limit. Sometimes that means holding on a split second longer, or squeezing just a tiny bit tighter, but sometimes that just means a brief, cordial hug, which I have to initiate. Like I said, I feel them out, and I don't want to put them off, I just want to stretch them a little bit.

I like your answer! I have a friend who has the same attitude. She is great to hug. She is good at getting people out of their shells.

I might be a bit of an anomaly as far as INTJs go. I love hugs. My mother told me this week that I have always been very cuddly. I am very close to my family so I hug them as much as possible (that's my Mum and Dad). I also hug all my friends if they tolerate it (but not those who don't like it). I usually initiate them too and get cravings for them.

I don't however like being touched by people I don't like obviously. I'll back off if someone I don't feel that affectionate towards tries to hug me. And I will avoid hugging friends who feel uncomfortable. My partner hates hugs so we don't to it very often. He is ISTP. (slant! You have backup) But even with strangers I like to shake their hands when I meet them.

I like hugging because there's something really nice about holding someone you care about close to you. And maybe not just to be affectionate but also to feel a physical connection with another person as well. After all, we share that same thing in common of having a physical body that perceives the outside world but you are sort of insular until you touch someone else. By that I mean our brains are programmed to interpret our own physical contact we have with ourselves as meaningless but when someone else hugs you then you get a sense of you own existence and perspective
Not much.
I do if people hug me, but I usually don't initiate unless I feel affectionate towards them for some reason.
That's with friends though. I hug my mum and sister all the time :)
I missed the second hugfest? I want to hug some more.....
Here you go Bored Now! :hug: And I don't have cooties. :D

more hugs!

:hug: :hug: :hug:
::HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGS:: Heee, now I'm feeling better. I think I could totally get addicted to this thread. From hugslut to hug junkie! Woohoo!
*Throws bricks* I'm the anti-hug nazi! Suffer huggers!
*Throws bricks* I'm the anti-hug nazi! Suffer huggers!

Do you have any idea how bad that would hurt?:brick:

:jaw: WHAT! You don't like hugs?!? AND you want us innocent hug sluts to suffer?! There is only one way to resolve this... Special cuddle hugs for Chaotic_Lion! From all of us huggers to you. :hug: :grouphug: :hug: :grouphug: :hug: :grouphug:

There, do you feel better now? :D
*picks up each brick individually and gives it a hug*

There there wittle bwickies, I'm so sowwy chaotic_lion is being so mean to you...
Oh God, we have a brick crisis
I'm sorry!
Bricks? Hmm. I like to kick people in the face almost as much as I like to hug them, so I'd be careful with those bricks if I were you. *takes off her ballet flats and straps on her knee high Docs, just in case*
No, I don't usually hug a lot. I get embarassed easily.
Yeah, I don't hug alot. Not even with people inside my personal bubble.
I'm more the person who awkwardly accepts them coz I don't like making others feel rejected.
The closer the person is to me then the more difficult I find it is to hug them. My mom has expressed frustration over my hesitation and resistance to hugging her but I just get all anxious and weird. I couldn't tell ya why.