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Do you hug much?

Yeah, hugging is just awkward but hugs I can deal with.
My problem is that my family members tend to want kisses as well.
I'm told I'm a good hugger, and I got no problem hugging my mum, but I am very retiscent to deal them out to other people for fear of a negative reaction to it!
Bricks? Hmm. I like to kick people in the face almost as much as I like to hug them, so I'd be careful with those bricks if I were you. *takes off her ballet flats and straps on her knee high Docs, just in case*

BRING IIIIITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!*take out flipflop* I'm deadly with one of these things! I'm also proficient in brush-fu!
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Largely depends on my mood. Mellow, and I have no problem if a friend wants to hug me. Happy, I might actually initiate a hug or two. Solemn, and I shy away from any touch. Unfortunately, a lot of times it feels like my body is starved for contact though. It kind of sucks when my mind rejects what my body yearns for.
Not until I really get to know someone really well (i.e. they earn my trust), but then I really love hugs. :m023:
If I haven't already established a "hugging relationship" with someone at the get-go, I feel VERY awkward hugging.

For example, my best girl friend ALMOST lost the window of opportunity to be in the "hug zone" with our first few hugs were uncomfortable on my part. But she made it and now I can hug her comfortably.

One of my good guy friends established hugging pretty much first thing in our relationship and now I wouldn't dream of not hugging him when I see him.

However, most of my other good friends will only get a hug out of me in special instances. Otherwise I will just be awkward and stiff and I'll probably go off and die afterward. :m041:

I'm very cognizant of personal space and touching is a premeditated thing for me.
Evidently, I'm a very huggable person so I get them a lot from people even if I don't want them. I usually just go along with it though to make them happy (unless I really don't like the person). I like hugging my close friends but I'm hesitant to hug my mom and dad. I only hug them if they make me. Why? I dunno.

In general, I enjoy hugs. They're sort of like a gauge of how my relationships are fairing. If all is well, the hugs are tight and lengthy. When something is wrong, I know through a craptastic, half-assed hug from a friend. I remember when my first girlfriend broke up with me she was fervent about reverting back to being my best friend and keeping things not awkward. However, I noticed that she didn't put nearly as much effort into hugging me as she use to (even before we started dating) and it just felt...I don't know, fake. It told me things weren't okay between us even though we wanted it to be and I became even more uncomfortable around her.

I think I require some sort of physical contact to know that all is well.
I personally love a warm and enjoyable hug but I hate the fake ones where you hold for about a second, maybe pat eachother on the back to prevent awkwardness. Afterwards they make me feel so distant from a person even if I've known them for a long time since I suppose I'm like Jayce and use touch to see how someones really feeling towards me or about a situation.

I love a good hug from anybody though, I'm really quiet in person but I almost never turn down a hug (only if a person is close to me will I offer a random hug) if I know its gonna be a good one.
Hugs are very special to me. As with all physical contact. It's like saying I love you for real. It's very rare that I'll hug anyone unless their going away for a long time. If I hug you then I really care. I'm pretty bashful about it too acutely.