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  • Sounds frustrating.
    I wish I had a river I could go to. I have a creek on my property but it's been too humanised if you know what I mean.
    I generally play my guitar to clear my mind or go for a swim if that option's available.
    Yeah London would be good. Sydney is mostly modern structures since Aus isn't that old.
    I haven't been up to anything really lately, nothing that's anything that is. But I'm sort of liking it that way. Relaxing is good.
    You just looking at part-time jobs?
    Good to hear from you again :) I'm good. Haven't been doing much though.

    Oh, except it was my birthday on the 23rd so my family took me to the centre point tower in sydney for dinner which was nice. They sort of surprised me with it which I must commemorate them for. Surprising me is not something easily done :) Especially when I've got a whole 3 hour trip to work it out.
    Sydney's a really pretty place at night. :D

    Did you do much besides look after your gran's place?
    LOL Ours are brown because of all the waste and garbage thrown into them. Ewww huh?! A few of them have a blueish color (those are the ones I prefer to go to). :D
    How are you today?
    Perl is my language of choice when it's reasonable. Other than that Python and C++ are fine by me. At the moment I am trying to learn assembly for...less honest...reasons.
    LOL I WISH our beaches were murky green! Most of ours are a dirty brown color and sometimes they get closed down for a few days becuase of that. Well, now that I think about it, murky green might not be that much better. :D Why are they green?
    LOL now that you mention it, I'm hungry too! :D My weekend was great thanks. I had fun at the beach! :D How was yours?
    thank you... :)

    I'm not sure about that thinking too much thing. I'm happy that my brain is so active and I get knowledge of things out of nowhere but on the other hand sometimes I would like to be able to find a switch. I'm going to take up meditation soon and I think it will help me a lot. Right now I often feel like I'm at the mercy of my emotions.
    Nope but I've heard of it. Is it any good?

    By the way, your avatar makes me smile every time I see it. ^^
    for a lot of them, i typed in abstract art or i went to
    the others are just keywords i typed into google images, along with the color i wanted for that
    Hot chocolate!!! :) Definitely my pick.

    It's sort of hard to explain what style I paint but I guess my paintings generally have a more abstract background with a realistic foreground. So I'll do a whole lot of colours mixed and splashed and smeared every which way and then paint something like angel wings over the top as a focus. But sometimes I do a more cutesy style where everything is simplistic and story-like.
    I generally like photography better though.

    You should definitely do piano lessons, you'll probably always wished you had in future if you don't. Even if it's just a leg up so you can teach yourself someday. :)
    Fable 2 is amazing! I big improvement over the first one, although rather short.

    I usually download my anime or stream it too. I tend to stay away from tv broadcasts because I find English voice overs almost unbearable. o.<
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