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  • Ah empathy, that bitch. The biggest thing with me and friends/people I know is that I can completely see where they're coming from and understand their points of view, but they seem incapable of doing the same for me. So I'm sat there when they're talking or explaining things and I'm like "Okay... yep... yeah... sure". But when it's their turn it's like "...No". Which is partly the reason why I don't seem to give a shit any more.

    Anyway, yeah. I'm at uni now. A few weeks into my course. The course and uni is awesome. But I'm finding it extremely difficult to make friends/connect with people/keep a conversation going for longer then 5 seconds. There's like 70 people on my year alone. That, plus a severely selfish friend/infatuation from a few months ago waving my feelings around like an amused toddler with a rattle. So it's mixed feelings on the whole thing, so far. I just gotta pray it gets better.
    lol, ok, now I can see it at much better detail. It's quite nice. From this distance I thought it was a valley or something remotely different than what it was supposedly.
    I wish I knew how to play an instrument, but the times I've tried to learn them I get frustrated that I don't get to play great songs quickly so I end up leaving it. When I was a kid my parents placed me in violin classes and I was quite good at it but then I grew and didn't keep practicing. I'm trying to learn guitar and I know some songs on them but I don't know the actual structure and composition of the guitar itself.

    So consider yourself really talented that you know many instruments, it's really awesome!!

    I don't have a specific genre of music I like more but I tend to listen to a lot of The Rasmus, Linkin Park and Spanish music as well. But I can like any kind of music regardless of genre.

    By the way, what's the painting of your avatar of? I don't seem to recognize it
    I've never eaten that before but scones with jam and cream sounds delicious! :) My weekend was awesome, I got lots of rest, slept alot lol, played with my little brother and overall I was quite happy these couple of days.

    So you play the guitar right? What sort of songs do you like to play?
    I'm sorry, I just noticed that you commented on my new avatar. Thank you very much for that. I was being kind of nosy and took a peek at your pictures and let me tell you that I liked them really really much. Are those scenery pics from where you live? If they are I really envy you, I don't get to see that over here just a desert :( Well I hope that you're having a great weekend and take care :)
    Oh, good then.

    Which haven't you heard of? I doubt you've heard of Poets of the Fall or Stars... Your Ex-lover is Dead is one of my favourite songs by them and Carnival of Rust by Poets of the Fall is amazing too. However, if you have... Ignore that tidbit. I just like showing people music that they haven't heard of before. :)

    Yeah, I'm a bit all over the place with my likes and dislikes too. Like, I love Alternative, Indie, Techno, etc. but at the same time I love showtunes and music that can't really be categorized (I guess it's got a pop-like sound to it, but I wouldn't call it that). I'm weird about lyrics... They have to have good meaning behind them and resonate within me otherwise the song just sorta sounds cheaper then, yaknow?
    Carnivorous?? So actually they used to be dangerous beasts! Wow no I wouldn't want to encounter a 4m kangaroo either! :)

    I'm pretty okay. Only things aren't really going like they should grr, but I'm working on it!
    Hey thanks! :) I haven't seen you for a while, glad to hear from you! How have you been? Say hi to the wombats for me!
    Orly? I feel special now. :)

    Oh god... This is going to take me, probably ten or twenty minutes to list, but I think it's worth it, so here it goes: Andrew Bird, AM, Stars, Mae, Adele, Janella Monae, Radiohead, Metric, The Birthday Massacre, LIGHTS, Jukebox the Ghost, Max Vernon, Danger Mouse, The Hush Sound, Blue October, Dropping Daylight, Sick Puppies (I like their older stuff better. Although White Balloons and War are good on their new album), Anberline, Breathe Carolina, Between the Trees, The Films, Hot Hot Heat, The Sounds, The Secret Handshake, The Cab, Tegan and Sara, Justice, White Tie Affair, Mayday Parade, The Medic Droid (They're okay), Shiny Toy Guns, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Thrice, My American Heart, The Morning Light, Poets of the Fall...

    Honestly, I like way too many bands... xD Hopefully I have good taste as well, because I've been perfecting it for awhile. :p
    Hey there!

    Just been reading your about me, you play some instruments, that's awesome :)

    Have you recorded anything?
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