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Jul 13, 2009
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Ooh, what I WANT to do, not what I do now (Student

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Jan 2, 2013
    1. Sriracha
      Welcome! :)
    2. Not2bforgot10
      Where are you located?
    3. Puck
      Merry Christmas! :mxmas:
    4. Not2bforgot10
      I am passionate about service work. I have an entire plan laid out for myself and will tackle each objective one by one to reach my vision. What is your vision?
    5. Not2bforgot10
      In a thread, you mentioned that you admire these qualities: People who are honest, straightedge, empathetic and passionate about something. This is me to a T :)
    6. Ketsugi
      Awesome!! I'm so glad you're liking Nana. By the end of all 47 animes, Nana and Nana had become a part of me forever.
    7. BenW
      Expect grade 13.
      Your teachers will be just as clueless as before, and your classmates will be just as immature.
    8. BenW
      I've been pretty OK.
      Are you going into post-secondary?
      Or your senior year?
    9. BenW
      How are you as of late?
    10. rainrise
      hey there! i'm rained in right now and it's wonderful. looks like your well wishes for my day worked :)

      to tell you the truth, i'm still rather confused about the purpose behind adding someone as a friend...i'm slow in that process, but i see it as a way of acknowledging someone that sparks my interest by means of a muted 'hi'. so thank you also for accepting the request.
      i don't mind rambling so please don't apologize! do go on if you wish :)
    11. BenW
      Eh, haven't been able to get into the servers the past few days.
      Beta block B technically began on Monday, so I'm hoping they add more content soon.
      Crashes and bugs still abound in the block A content, though.
    12. BenW
      They did some heavy testing this morning.
      Hopefully they'll square away all the crashing bullshit.
    13. BenW
      They released a new client which was supposed to fix the issues, but the servers have been offline since, and they're gone for the weekend.
    14. BenW
      I've been in game two times, for about 10-15 minutes each.
      The servers are temporarily capped at 100 (with about 3000+ testers in...) due to extreme stability issues, so it's real hard to get in ATM.
      The game looks quite fantastic, the first person view is very distinct.
      The crafting also looks like it will be fantastic, LOTS of different materials.
    15. BenW
      Now they put me back in the beta block which is supposed to start today.
      Still no client download yet.
    16. Slyphee
      Yeah its a really funny anime, and they parody alot of other animes well too, only thing is the artists have gotten lazy and really like to show it.

      And I stole tiny carl jung from a webcomic I read, Dresden Codak, I've always wanted one of the shirts from there
    17. BenW
      They bumped my beta access from July 20th to August 3rd.
      I'm currently planning to firebomb the Swedish embassy.
    18. Slyphee
      Ah haha the only voice over I can handle is the voice over for Cowboy Bebop since its what I had to watch all the eps in. Have you ever watched Gintama?
    19. Slyphee
      Ah I like your taste in games, have you played Fable 2? I don't have a 360 so haven't been able to play, aside from that, I did love knights of the old republic though.

      I'll have to admit I've seen maybe 2 or 3 of the anime your into, do you download them or watch on tv? Here in the UK I only had access to a few anime that would run at 12am so now I just download/stream 'em.
    20. corvidae
      I dunno yet, but I heard evolutionary anthropology is a good pre-med major.
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    Ooh, what I WANT to do, not what I do now (Student
    See the above.
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    Nice people
    Mechanical pencil
    Journal (or something to write on)
    Sunny days
    The ocean
    I've realized that there's no way I can make this sound cool and/or interesting. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to talk about themselves and thus writing profile thingies such as this is quite difficult. I have this unique ability to be down to Earth while still managing to keep my head in the clouds. I try to avoid things that are too complicated. The little things that people tend to overlook make me the happiest. i.e., being alive, sunny days, when people do kind things for strangers. I'll admit, I'm a nerd. But only in the most endearing sense. Yes, I like anime and videogames. I also really like marine biology. There's just something about it.

    Music (guitar), reading, gaming, longboarding


    And that, my friend, is the bottom line.

    "I'm through accepting limits 'cause someone says they're so.
    Some things I cannot change but till I try I'll never know."