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  • ahaha I've been trying to get a good character analyses going for the personality types sense most people don't know the show too well. And most people are confusing looks (which in this case don't matter). That I'm tired of seeing the MLP is for little girls stereotype. :)
    Nyow! Drop me a line via MSN or Yahoo or one of the things listed in my Contact info. I'd love to talk.
    Aha... So, all those prospective employers had better like Furry typology nerds, or this could ruin your chances good sir.

    Seriously, Tronpaul just doesn't properly sum up the beauty of your personality, it's actually quite sickening..

    Ah, lucky for me that Melkor is so common, I can't be googled unless followed by Irish INTP or something...

    So I guess calling you that in public is off?:( May I continue to read your name as it once was even when I see tronpaul, and when I type it I shall hear it in my head?

    Hrm, some of those are just plain weird! I saw a rather sleek looking Falcon-esque fellow I liked, and that winged lady was just so smexy.... that I don't have the words to describe it.... I might have to share it with a lady I know that has a wing fetish.
    I don't like your new username. Sorry if that sounds rude... I much prefered Laofmoonster.

    Oh... Thats probably to be expected, no-one seems to look for inspiration their pets, hrm? It's a pity that so few are as creative as you, though at least you can be special to some extent.

    How does one sexualise a Raven?:X

    Now I'm curious.
    A raven hm?

    That's very curious.

    Original, and somewhat out of place if I understand Furries correctly...

    They tend to have sexualised natures, whereas the crow is a bird of foreboding and death, and being such a small, secretive creature, is near impossible to put them to anthropomorphism in any serious fashion.

    Well done.

    (My favourite bird is the Jackdaw, I could watch them all day)
    No you aren't going to get banned for this. You have to screw up 7 times to get banned. I locked that account for now though.
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