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  • I'm sad that you're leaving, Pieter; that you've been hurt and upset by members' behaviour, and that this has taken its toll on you. If I have ever inadvertently added to your annoyance or caused offense, my apologies. More than that though, my thanks, for all your efforts in sustaining this space for the benefit of others for so long. I think you're doing the right thing for yourself, which is also ultimately the right thing for everyone, and I wish you the best of luck at Grad school and beyond. Blessings and <3
    <3! best of luck in graduate school and all your future endevours Indy, i'll miss your great sense of humor and all the sincere effort you've put into the forums :)
    im not here to express any negativity so you need not worry :p
    but id perfer to collaborate with you - perspectives,(in all respect)
    could you maybe send me those contact details so we mgith keep in touch?

    i feel, it seems you have a little more experience then me on this forum, but i didnt
    get to catch any of the specifics about the negativity you were referring to

    i can see from your posting (the only one ive read/watched from you since im new to the forum)
    that you are sinceer in your respects towards others, (even those that disregard your perspective as irrelevant)
    what i truely fear in negativity here in this forum , is that some are far to concerned with the intellectual
    conceptual basis of things posted here, and oppose any integration of "whats called the HEART"
    could we keep in contact and collaborate?
    from what i have intuitively perceived from my experience of you is that
    you have seemed to have gained knowledge from various resources as i have
    and could quite possibly have a "interesting base of objective truth"
    as i believe i do myself, "not to sound egotistical"

    such information should be spead and shared is my belief, as the enlightenedment recieved from such understandings can change universe's and mould people re-newed "blessings Galore!"

    p.s: -God Bless

    Yay on creaming the exam lol!

    I'm finally home resting now. I have to take off with my kids though in 90 minutes, we are picking up their little friends and they are all going to the school barn dance. Yay, lucky me! I ahem "love" country music ... LOL.
    Ok I have to make one more post cause it's annoying me so much.
    I watched the beginning of your video. You act like everyone dismisses you and what you have done to the forum.
    There are a few people who complained because they didn't like the system. This is absolutely fine. Yes, some could have done it in a nicer way, but does it really matter? Are you really THAT pissed because of something so small? Might as well join the reputation system haters club no?

    Just look at your profile and you'll see a bunch of people who appreciate and care about you. You will also see me. There is sooo much more of those than haters.

    I don't care if I only stated the obvious and if I suck at understanding emotional people.

    now farewell, maybe ;)
    You're boring, too structured, too perfectionnist and about the polar opposite of me, yet good luck with your life and your gayness and all that.
    Your work is much more recognized(?) than it may look like. Keep on with the happiness ;)
    i sent you a PM with my email addy. please do keep in touch.

    good luck man, you're an incredible person, for real. sky is the limit for you. PS, when you become an organic chemist, make sure you send me some, uh, completed homework assignments if ya know what i mean. : D

    i am you and you are....ME!
    Thanks, babe. This was exactly what I was afraid of. Your resignation coming at an ill timed forum blow-out.
    I know how it feels to see a community you felt emotionally invested in turn out to be something you have to distance yourself from. I've made the same step with INTPf a month ago. Even though it sucks on one end, it feels good to start over.

    Good luck with your pursuits. :}
    I'm just on a quick work break and I felt compelled to pop on here again and write on your wall. I hope your day is going smoothly! :)
    Hey Indigo. Good Luck in graduate school, and in all your pursuits. I will always treasure you. I have learned many things from you that I've otherwise would have never been able to. Maybe one day we will be able to speak again, until the end I just want to say goodbye, and thank you for everything. You have really made a difference in my life. You are an awesome person in every sense of the word.
    I hope everything goes well Indigo Sensor, you've been a good admin on this site. I wish you luck on all of your endeavors.
    What happened, I am afraid that I did not understand that post 14 posts later:)?
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