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Mar 25, 2014 at 7:39 AM
Sep 20, 2009
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Dec 12, 1993 (Age: 26)

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Raccoon Love

., 26

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Mar 25, 2014
    1. slant
      I miss you buddy
      1. flower, acd and Wyote like this.
      2. Wyote
        Me too :(
        Jan 10, 2020
        flower and slant like this.
      3. acd
        He popped into my kind today. Maybe all the old threads getting necroed. Hope he's doing well!
        Jan 10, 2020
        flower, slant and Wyote like this.
    2. Gaze
      Hey, was just thinking about you, and hope everything is going well. See you have a birthday coming up. Hope it's a good one. :)
    3. rawr
      and i have one Wed.

      buen suerte!
      1. Gaze likes this.
    4. rawr
      Thanks ill need it lol.

      don't be a stranger now and do let me know how things go/are going :)
      1. Gaze likes this.
    5. rawr
      wow. I'm proud of you, Gabe, seems like you've grown up so much!

      I'm good - staying super busy - last semester of school (IT) and looking for a job.

      Good luck with law school apps!
    6. rawr
      how are you, buddy?
      long time no talk.
    7. rawr
    8. jyrffw54
    9. rawr
    10. sassafras
      *sneak attack hug!* :)
    11. Melkor
      Yeah! Whatever.

      Now don't you want to explore this nice and completely safe rubbish bin? C'mon, my research shows Raccoon's love this sortof crap.
    12. Melkor
      I see that pest control hasn't gotten round to dealing with you yet.

      Tsk-tsk, you just can't rely on public services these days. ;)
    13. Lenin Compres
      Lenin Compres
      Hi Racoon,
      Years ago you took a personality test from a personal page I was developing. Back then it was a rough concept and the page was not near finished. I wasn't even aware or meant for people to visit, until I found this forum thread.

      I finally got time to revisit and re-post it. I would love for you to check it out and give me any feed back.
    14. mochi
      OMG, me too! X3 Me and my best friend are saving up money to go to their concert in January. She's the one who got me into them, I barely started listening to them. :P
    15. GracieRuth
      I LLLUV your nickname :D
    16. Gaze
      What college are you going to?
    17. rawr
      right. i knew that :)
    18. rawr
      you already finished your first year of college?
    19. Miss Adventure
      Miss Adventure
      Congrats to to the grad! The world is just freaking starting for you. I'm a bit envious. Hee. Here's a song they play at my bro's gradutation. i normally want to punch John Mayer, but it fits..

      [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1W2UddURXI"]YouTube - ‪John Mayer - No Such Thing‬‏[/ame]
    20. Madison
      Hi! I like the quotes you wrote under your signature.
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    Dec 12, 1993 (Age: 26)
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