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  • Welcome back!

    Guests cannot view blogs so you don't need to worry. Sometimes it shows up (even in the admin section) because of webcrawlers, which are not people.

    You should always remember though, stuff you put online is never really safe. Even higher security stuff that is encrypted can be at risk.
    Hi Ria!
    I miss your blog you used to have. I know you had to let it go....but I still miss it.
    I'm - how do you say - coping. Lot's of people wanting to visit with me. Family especially. Umm...makes me want to run away after a while. meh... I'm sure you can understand. Happy? More like content. I hope you're doing ok.
    your visitor page has ten more visits then you have posts (5/6/11)
    Good Luck with everything! I can't wait till I move...almost there! Take care of yourself in the meantime :)
    I love that your inbox is perpetually full. ;) I'm leaving for personal reasons, and wanted to thank you for being awesome, Ria. I've truly appreciated our time together here, and wish you great things (you deserve 'em). *hug*
    I'm great! Didn't have THAT much to drink, lol. just a little birthday celebration kinda my birthday for myself I guess you could say :)
    Hee, you may be right though I'm somewhat in hiding. The forums are a very different place, it seems, from my last visit. Ah well tis the way of things. I suppose. I plan on injecting a huge dose of my trademark raunchy whimsy. mebbe, if i don't get distracted by something shiny.
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