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  • Thanks for your comment on the definitions. I never realized people would find them so hilarious. I do this all the time, lols. :) That's why I started the new thread, as qp suggested. Huh...even threw some extra ones in...it was fun.

    I edit the same way...:( I often interrupt the flow to change something rather than noting it in the margin and fixing it later. It's hard to just let it go, though!

    And I hate messy pages with all sorts of edit markings. I hardly know how to read them cuz I write all sideways or upside down wherever it will fit. It' s not uncommon for me to literally turn the page in circles in order to read my notations in the proper sequence, lol!
    Totally down with that, lols. Actually anywhere warm and sunny would be nice.

    Part of me wants the time to speed by so I can read everyone's contest entries, but the other part thinks that I'll never get mine done in time. I usually like a lot longer for revision time; editing is so important. I just want to tell it perfectly, lol.

    But, regardless of how I think it turns out, I'm entering it anyway. Partly just because I told myself I would, and you have to start somewhere. Plus, I know I'm probably my own worst critic. I think I'll just have the John and the kids read it to see how it goes over. And then just hold my breath and push send, heh-heh. :)
    Yes, vacay, please! Where's we goin'? lol

    As far as the nose, my daughter broke it or bone-bruised it, idk. I put the whole story in my blog if you want to read it, along with what's been going on with the girl's suspension and other stuff.

    Speaking of reading, I'm excited to read everyone's entries for the short story contest also. I'll most definitely be pulling my head out of the sand for that! I wish you could've entered something as well...but I know you've got a lot of personal stuff going on. Well, there will always be a next time, and then you will enter, yes?
    Sorry to hear about your uncle, and it sounds like you needs a vacay!
    I'm feeling sorta meh; the week's been full of ups and downs...One minute I'm excited, the next I'm angry, then I can't sleep....blarg! I feel bipolar, lol.

    But! The monthly curse has ended and I should only have uno mas to go through before surgery, so that's good. My nose is healing, my girls are back in school after their OSS, I emerged victorious from my battle with the IRS, and Res moved the deadline back for the short story contest, so I may actually be able to do something for it. Excitings!

    All the other stuff is negative, and I refuse to dwell. Got enough on my mind, so I'm just gonna stick my head in the sand temporarily. I shall be the ostrich, lol!
    Hey, girl...I keep missing you! My hours have been strange, but I don't recall you being on lately. How goes it?
    Still got some un-fun tests to do, and they can't fit me in for those till the end of May! BLARG!!!! They got surgery tentatively scheduled for June 2nd. I hate having to be patient even more than I hate having to be a patient!!!!
    Hey, pk...yeah, I'm hanging in there. Frustrated and back to smoking, though. :(
    Hope all is going well with you! :)
    Yep, it's good to be here briefly. I'm moving this weekend, and I have been swamped with packing, working and my kids! I'll be away from my computer for a week or two, until I'm more settled and able to waste my precious time again! :D
    Yes - he did! I told him you looked like you couldn't stop grinning because love was welling up and spilling out of you. Awesome to see really.
    You should post some here...I'm sure that there are a great many individuals who would appreciate them. Do share! :)
    And how are you doing today, PK? I checked out your link to dA. Those ice pix are absolutely breathtaking! And I loved the b&w Phantom Rail Line...like a gothic memory. And the beauty of Let Down was heart-wrenching and very relatable. You have an eye for loveliness. You so rock!
    No rush...life intervenes, and we must trudge on with the daily drudgery before taking time for ourselves, let alone other people. No worries :)
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