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  • It's hard for me to imagine actually being INTJ just because I know I have Fe. I think my emotions are just kind of screwed up. Who knows what's going on with me. I think I'll sort it all out in time. Hopefully, anyway!
    When I was in therapy my therapist told me that I automatically skip empathy and move towards solutions. She said that I have my empathy turned way down and that I do not know how to identify emotions. I think that this plays a huge part in how I react to things. I have considered INTJ and ISTJ as alternative personality types but I'm not so sure. For now I've kind of settled on IXXJ. I know I don't fit the traditional INFJ mold and description. I chose it based on my most frequent test results though I have tested as INTJ often also.

    It has been suggested to me that since I am constantly "coping" with anxiety there is not much room left for anything else including my other feelings. I am trying to get better with it but it is a difficult process. I just can't connect.
    Not an ounce of it. I am not sure why. I have wrote about this in other places on the forum. I cannot connect to other people's tragedies, especially when they are on a large scale. I've always been that way. It's not that I am callous and uncaring, it's just that I have absolutely zero emotional reaction to it.
    I'm glad to know things have shaped up and taken a turn for the better for you!
    I MUST get to sleep... it's the middle of the night.. but I wanted to reply to this at least in part because I somehow missed the notification for this message and I want to make sure I do reply to it when I'm more awake. So if you don't hear from me next time you're on, feel free to give me a nudge. :)
    It's definitely been a crazy summer. Sorry about the folk fest. I got the text, but was at work meetings that entire weekend. I'm back to working midnights again. I hope you've been doing well, man!
    Indeed, it's relatively intact. You may have seen the mods vs. forum discussion going on right now... but otherwise, all seems to be fine and dandy.

    Welcome back!
    How have you been?
    It's sali. Background is teal right now for ovarian cancer awareness month or I would have had a picture of myself as an avatar.
    Thanks for the rep comment, I hope someday that this is a place you can be happy to return to, even if it's not that for you today.
    not really...

    Sensing has NOTHING to do with empathy. Ns put more value on the abstract, the possibilities and ideas when Ss put more value on the concrete, observations and what they can sense. Where do you see empathy in there?

    I did explain you before how they weren't related and not even trying to understand. It's not about opinions, it's about facts.

    About the war thing, what you said is pretty much the same as "I may clearly see how black people are not inferior to white people and how they have the same capacities, but I will keep thinking that white people are superior because this is my (irrational) opinion and I'm entitled to it".

    it doesnt have the same consequences, but its really the same thing.
    That's what I figured. And fair enough - take care of yourself, and stay in touch though, 'eh?
    Aw thanks <3 Well to be honest, knowing is one thing, being able to apply that on the right way, right time, and the right moment is different thing altogether.

    Oh, and..I'm...well, not 23. Still 20 pretending to be wiser than I actually am *laughs*
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