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  • I made a quick visite to the forums but I had to stop for a moment to give you a big hug

    How have you been?
    ooh i saw your name on rawr's page and couldnt believe it, how are ya darling? love you lots <3
    Well hey after grad school I'd imagine youd have a lot of options to choose from though I won't pretend to know too much about how that all works. Me? heh. Looking to get back into school, probably social work or counseling. Sucks starting over but better now than never right? d: Anyways goodluck with the career choice, hope all goes well for you :)
    Hey its good to hear from you too, I'm good, still fighting the good fight as they say (; saw your name come up on a thread and needed to check in to see how everything's going, im pretty sure you were still gone when I left last time. Still doing the graduate thing or past that now?
    Sadness? No more than the norm, by these eyes, as it is for this one.

    I really think I am just growing into myself. I'm more serious these days. I've become quite uncomfortable with the practice of escaping my...discontent through excessive silliness. In fact, I'm already getting the urge to close my Witch Trials thread because I don't want to be associated with those threads anymore. I'm quite comfortable with my pensiveness these days.

    How are you doing? It's been a while.
    the kitty in your avatar looks so much like one of my cats at my parents' house! I miss her so much since I left!
    Thank you for letting me know about kryon, i had a look yesterday. And it is exciting being able to share these things! I hope you are having a brilliant day- Love you, oceanbreeze
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