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  • Thank you Soulful, but don't worry, I change my avatar really frequently so I wouldn't get too comfortable in seeing that for too long lol. Thank you for the compliment anyhow and have a great day or night
    Okay. Good to know. If there are instructions somewhere, I missed them.
    I selected "view conversation" before typing, so hopefully, you got a new message notification.
    Have fun when you get here to Ottawa.
    I like it too. Wish I could use it as my colour theme for the whole thing.
    No problem at all, I know it can be hard to put the 'internal emotions and such into words' although you managed to do it so pristinely and brilliantly! I believe you encaptured all traits that make me who I am. Maybe it is that you choose your words with care? =). I want you to know though, that the same way I am pristine, you are soulful! Indeed! My dear you express yourself beautifully, sincerely you have my admiration.
    Well, I grew up in Muskoka, Ontario - one of the locations of nasty ice storms, and yes - nearly every household has a generator there.

    I live in the northern GTA now, and the weather is much more subdued here.

    Where do you live?

    PS - Sorry for the delay. I thought I'd already replied, but I actually put it on my own message screen. :)
    Soulful I think I love you, what a beautiful song. The fact that you think so, sincerely puts me in tears as well as the song itself. Is it anything in particular that reminds you of me? Because it seems as if you have a great picture of what makes me, Me. Yours truly :)
    Thank you!

    and doh!! I can be so simple at times...
    I really did mean to request you. lol
    Many thanks.
    ohhh i like to colors on here!!! lol :)
    (your profile that is)

    well, Ive already brought myself to ask for lurkers friendship,
    I like your vibrations..
    would you like to be my friend? friend! lol
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