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  • Hi! Yeah I've been doing some digging around out of curiosity =) wanted to see what I missed before joining haha. Thanks! & Nice to meet you too! :)
    To all my friends: I've requested a holiday ban, to be lifted on March 1, 2011. I have been extremely busy with school and life, and even though my presence has been minimal as of late, I must take some time off the forums (truthfully, the internet in general) to be successful with everything I am doing. Wishing you all the best!
    Hmm. America's obesity rates seems to be something of a legend. :| As someone obese myself, I wonder. Statistic aside, do you see a lot of (to put it bluntly) obese people?
    ..Some of the foods shown there seriously looks scrumptious. I can't help it! D: But it's really really best eaten in moderation, I would believe.

    Yay! I'm glad that your final is doing well. What major are you taking btw? I seem to forgot about it >_<
    Nah, it's okay :D I've been on somewhat of a hiatus too recently. :) How was your finals? I hope you're doing well! :D

    Well, not to say we don't have those, but they aren't really popular here. Maybe because here...each household generally has a housemaid, who generally will also cook aside from doing other things. That, or like my family did; takeaways.

    Hahahahha that seems a bit too convenient; what foods do you have there?

    I'm a fan of cooking myself, but lately I've
    ...I know canned stuff, but what is these things you called boxed stuff? TV dinners? and wow, that sounds like an appropriate abbreviation.

    How about you, though?
    Hahaha, yay :D I think INFJs in general just LOVES questioning. Status quo, or their own belief, or themselves. It's good to hear you're settled spiritually! But there's still the world to be questioned.

    I don't think I have that kind of classmate, though; because the schools I'd been never really condone..questioning. Maybe it's the education system. Or the social situation. (Not American, btw)

    Awww; why jealous? >_< I've never been to America, it surely sounds like you've got all the happenings there!
    But yeah not all of China yet. It was awesome, in a way; looking abroad and seeing people with their own cultures and lives and architectures (especially foods. FOODS.) It's kinda eye opening in some ways.
    the text seems black, but because the background color of your profile page is green, i think it makes the font color appear green.
    Haven't changed the font on my profile page recently. hmm . . . not sure what's happening.
    the verb to impress is impressioner, so if you drop the "r" and add an cute accent to the e, then you have the past tense. But also, when you say, "I am impressed", you are not using the past tense, because "impressed" is being used as an adjective in that statement.
    actually, based on what i remember, -ant is another way of saying -ing. When you add it to the root of a verb, it makes it a gerund. making a verb past tense usually involves adding -e(with an accute accent)
    I'm a little rusty with the french - better with reading than fluency but i think it's "impressionn
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