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  • haha,
    hey TK*,
    thanks dooderette!

    Hows thangs in your corner of earth?

    Love n Bless <3 :m107:
    Andy's it going? Sorry, I didn't respond sooner, I haven't been online at all the last day or two.
    Thanks! And White Rock is definitely a nice place to go (for Dallas!). I'm going to try finishing my work on Wednesday or Thursday. Happy St. Paddy's Day!
    I have no idea! :D I might take off with Mom's car. Depends how I feel. I shouldn't waste my time off, though I still have a few assignments to complete.
    Np! And Emma and I would love to come out to play with you and Sandy. If it's not too cold, I say we do something next week. I'll look around to see what parks are in the area, but remind me would you? I'm going full tilt with school and I might forget. :)
    Yeah, It's bigfoot, from the movie "Harry and the Hendersons", I love the expression on his face, makes me smile everytime.
    Nazz and I are jazzed. I think he's going to talk to SH about it. It would be too cool.
    Thanks for the rep as well as the compliment on the piece. I'm starting a project now--probably way too ambitious for the scope of my talent--that I hope I will have enough confidence to submit. Naxx and I--and maybe SH?--are talking about getting a writers' group together. It seems to me you mentioned that you write. Interested?
    Thanks, TK*. I think we have a lot in common despite the age disparity. Can hardly wait to see the pics of you and Arbygil at you infamous meet-up.
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