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  • Apparently never. holycrap. cause see I just clicked our 'conversation history', nothing!!! whATTTHEHECK
    Hi, I know we've never really talked
    before and you probably are really
    busy but I saw your art and you
    draw really good bears and I was
    wondering if you could draw a bear
    eating me. Or a bear eating a skinny
    brunette girl. Because that's what I
    look like. If you can't, that's okay
    and I won't be offended or upset
    if you say no.
    Question for you! Does this sound right to you, about you? "Of all of the types, the ISFP is most likely to believe that "Love is the answer.""
    Ah, I see, I see, thanks! Sorry for the late response, how're you?
    So, Quinlan, I've been thinking about the MBTI as of lately and I'm starting to think that I might be an ISFP. How would you describe your functions? Also, how you consider yourself different than the INFJs here in the feeling aspect?
    I think it is conveniently manufactured as well.
    I'm exhausted from that thread already. I don't even know why I bothered posting my thoughts in the first place.
    But sir!

    I'm jealous of every wee thing you bloody well do!


    ESPECIALLY your punny words.

    Good lord.

    You deserve to die for that pun I should think.

    *Goes to find his book on Irish curses*
    thanks I'm glad you liked it ! ISFP's are funny fellows, they have the ability to be detached and rambling in their feelings but to be in touch with the present at the same time. That's what makes them artist's.
    Talking is fine of course, it is an interesting subject indeed, you seem to take it a bit further than that however.

    Personally I don't really care about what people weigh, as long as they are comfortable with their body. Ones body really isn't anyone elses business.

    I would like it however if everyone lived a healthy life style and ate alkaline nutritionous foods, but the amount of fat one has is not directionally proportionate with how healthy they are.

    Some new age researchers claim fat accumulates because it's a defense mechanism to protect organs from acidity, have you read anything about such notions?
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